Why Isn Coins and Specifically Numismatic Collectible Coins


Why SilverĀ  with Isn Coins a Specifically Numismatic Ms69 Graded Coins?

-Silver Coins have been a preservation of wealth for thousands of years, and
have been collected by the ultra rich, such as kings for centuries.

-Having an Asset on Auto-ship Rather than a consumable is highly favored and
makes more cents! Would you prefer juice, cosmetics, or Silver and gold coins?

-Collectible Coins have the unique ability to increase in Value over time.
While most other products, have no ability to preserve wealth or increase in

-Collectible Coin Sales have reached more than 1 Billion Dollars worldwide
and growing! Massive Worldwide Market!

-Collectible coins can be passed down from generation to generation, with a
focus on real money, and tangible asset accumulation. This concept has been
lost in the last 30 years, but practicing the “Hobby of Kings” helps to regenerate
that important aspect of fiscal integrity.

-Collecting Coins as a family Hobby is priceless, and has the unique ability
to get your children interested in history, teaches them about real money,
and saving in assets. This is a very important concept that if learned at a
young age can be literally life changing.

Why Certified Silver?

-Certified Silver Coins have two values, collectible value as well as
precious metal value, and therefore has the unique ability to increase in
value in two distinct ways rather than just one.

-With Certified Coins there are no Legal issues, but “Bullion” coins have
many securities laws associated with them. Worry Free Program!

-Certified Coins are “Guaranteed” to be “Real” Silver or Gold and not Fake

-Certified coins are Non-confiscatible by the Federal Government

-Certified Coins Have no Shelf-Life

-Certified Coins are graded on the “Sheldon Scale” and Collectors the world
over want coins that are graded and preserved for their “Mint-Sate” Condition
according to the Sheldon Scale.

Benefits of buying from ISn Coins

-30 day 100% money back guarantee. 30 day Coin Buy-Back program

-Coins Fully Insured

-Guaranteed to be Real Silver Coins

-Convenient Monthly Auto-shipping Available

-No Broker Fees

-Fast Shipping

-Isn Member Pricing “Bulk orders allow ISN better Deals”

-PCGS & NGC Certified coins only. There are many grading companies,but with

Isn you will only recieve coins graded by the two most respected numismatic
grading companies in the world!

ISN Business Membership

-Ground Floor Silver Business

-Life Changing Income Potential

-Major Trend Forming

-Auto-Ship is Assets: Forced Accumulation

-ISN Business = Tax Savings

-Fiscal Education/Community

-Mindset/Skill-set Development

-Product is prestigious/Not Embarrassing

-Product Relevance/Perfect For Today’s Economy

Join Isn With me today.

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