Wholesale Silver Bullion Prices


Wholesale Silver Bullion Prices

Wholesale silver bullion prices are real and I can deliver it to you. IF you have woke up to the fact that you need to be buying Silver, allow me to introduce you to a Membership that will allow you to buy Precious Metals at Dealer Cost for 12 months.

If you are reading this post, I assure you this is a very “Legit”, “Honest”, and “Timely” membership. A Costco “Type” membership for wholesale bullion prices. You’ve got to love it! I’ve been using my membership¬† to the max, offering my prices to everyone I love, and it’s been great.

Buy Bullion at Dealer Cost. $3.15 over Spot for Eagles 4/7/11

This membership is like a Costco or Sam’s Club membership for Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. In order for you to reap the benefits of these dealer prices all you have to do is purchase a “Preservation of Wealth” membership. This membership will allow you to buy your metals at the best prices period.¬† Pow offers a wide variety of coins, ingots, bars, world coins, rounds, junk silver, Morgan dollars, and more.

I recently called Monex to check the difference in prices and Preservation of Wealth was cheaper by .50 cents per coin. That really adds up. If you buy 1000 Silver Eagles x .50 cents = a $500 savings. That’s $500 you can use to buy more silver. So the Membership pays for itself on your first purchase of 500 coins or more.

Best Pricing on Bullion Period!

In addition it gives you the ability to get the best prices for your family, friends and those within your network. This makes sure they are getting the best deal around. The process is simple.

1. Call and order the coins to get the total.

2. Deposit the cash into the POW Account. Cash, Certified Check, Etc.

3. Receive the coins at your doorstep.

If you are interested in buying silver bullion, this membership is literally one of those blessings that slips through the radar for many people. The membership is only $249 for 12 months. We have actual silver dealers that own a POW membership to get the best deal for their coin shops. I am an honest American, traditional business owner, father, and have your best interest in mind. Give me a call or simply visit my Preservation of Wealth member site to get your Wholesale silver bullion prices today. This is a hidden “Gem” for silver buyers. It’s great never worrying if I’m getting the best deal on my bullion.

Click the Pic below to purchase a P.O.W.membership today or contact me for details.

Wholesale Silver Bullion Prices

Adam DiMora



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