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Silver Takes a Dip

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Today silver took a dip and dropped to just under $41 per ounce, then came back on a correction to 41.50.

My “PERSONAL” opinion is this is a major opportunity to get a smoking deal on your SLV.
Yahoo Finance today was trying to scare people away from Silver, calling it a bubble???

In what market has the big banks, tech companies and so on, ever tried to scare buyers away from a bubble. NEVER! They invite them all in until the day it POPS.

They are losing billions


All of these “BUBBLES” where created by these companies and banks with no care for the people. But now all of the sudden the Banks and Corporation care about the people, and are warning them not to buy PHYSICAL SLV??????????????

Ladies and gentleman this makes no logical sence, with so many naked shorts, millions of ounces of SLV sold to investors in the form of EFT options that doesnt physically exist, Major Supply/Demand Deviation, Investors Taking Delivery of the physical silver, and more, there is only one reason why they are trying to scare the common folks away from SLV. They are losing BILLIONS.

Keep you eyes open, and watch, we are in for a huge ride. Two of my favorite places for information are:

1. NIA “National Inflation Association” at
Watch all the Videos for both.
2. Future Money Trends at
Subscribe to them. The info is life altering. For the good.

If you have ever looking into a owning your own business now is the time, and with SLV as our product the sky is literally the limit. Dont let it pass you buy.

Sincerely, Adam Dimora.

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