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Karatbars Review

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Karatbars id the newest “Fad” that has landing within the precious metals mlm niche. I would like to give my thoughts on this program as I feel I am more than qualified with almost 8 years of day in day out experience in the silver and gold mlm arena.

Karatbars Review

As the CO-Founder of ISN Coins I have had the pleasure of developing this industry, consulting the industry for multiple companies and becoming a respected name among my peers. Here are some of my thoughts for all who are interested to learn.

First I want everyone to understand that trying to create a network marketing company/ affiliate program with the “bullion” product as the main product is all but impossible. The reason why is self evident. The MARGINS don’t exists to create a viable payout from the bullion product. Karatbars is built on the concept of simply saving in Karatbars and showing others how to do the same every month. 1 Gram, 2 1/2 Gram or 5 gram gold bars are the product available for the monthly auto ship purchase. Here is what they look like.


In order to understand this concept of creating proper margins to create a real opportunity I want you to pause to watch this video before moving forward. This is very important because in my opinion this is the difference between a company that the regulators respect and one that they with shut down.

Now that you understand why Bullion can does not have the ability to pay out a life changing residual income the question then is  how are people in Karatbars actually earning income. It does not take a math professor to figure this one out. All You have to look is look at the Karatbars Compensation Plan for 5 minutes to see that the money is not made from the sale of the Karatsbars but from the constant “Recruiting” of others into the program.

For you to see this we must look at what is called the “dual team system”. This is the Bynary part of the Karatbars compensation plan that is clearly a multi level structure. here is an image of the dual team system. First this all starts with you purchasing a “Package”. The packages range from 135 Euro at the Bronze level  up over 1500 Euro + for the VIP package and even more.  All of the packages and products translate into “UNITS” and these units are what allow you to cycle into bonuses in the Karatbats Bynary. So here is the simple question… what does it take to cycle in the bynary and how are the “Units” paid out that allows you to cycle into the bonuses?

Below is an illustration of the Dual Team System and what it takes to cycle into bonuses.

Karatbars Dual Team Cycles

Karatbars Dual Team Cycles

As you can see when you accumulate 25 “UNITS” on one leg and 50 on the other you cycle into a bonus and the amount of income you earn when you cycle is determined by what “Package” you have purchased Silver, Gold or VIP. This is a red FLAG right away. This type of system forces people to buy larger and larger packages in order to not loose potential commissions and is not a legit way of structuring an mlm from my understanding. So members are ever encouraged to spend more money to “UPGRADE” to the more expensive packages in hopes of getting paid more commissions.

I want to speak on FOUR big key questions.

1. Where do the “REAL UNITS” come from in order to cycle people in the bynary

2. What do you actually receive for the initial “Package” purchases

3. How many “Units” are payed out on the purchase of the 1 gram, 2 1/2 gram or 5 gram karatbars which are supposed to be the monthly auto ships. This is the WHOLE point of the Karatbars company is for people to save in gold every month. So lets see if everyone just purchasing Karatbars can actually cycle people into the bonuses.

4. Physical Delivery of the Karatbars. What the turn time on delivery is and the cost of shipping which always adds to the bottom line of your precious metals purchases.

WHERE DO THE REAL UNITS COME FROM? Click Image below for a larger image.

Karatbars Units

Karatbars Units

So where do the Units come from? From the continual sales of Silver, Gold and Vip Packages! Rather than on the sale of Gold Karatbars. This is not a model for a sustainable residual income whatsoever and is also a regulators dream for a shutdown. You could never sustain your Karatbars business without continual new “Signups” this is again a classic pyramid scheme structure.


Karatbars Packages and what you get

Karatbars Packages and what you get


Taking Physical delivery of you Gold, How long it takes to receive and the cost…. Because if you don’t hold it you don’t own it! these Q & a answer are from the Karatbars website and raise a few concerns for me.

Question: From the SecurLog vault, what are the normal shipping times to my home?
Answer: Shipping times will vary depending on the country you live in.  Normal shipping times from SecurLog will average approximately 3 to 5 days within Europe and 7 to 14 days for International deliveries. In general, once your order & payment have been acknowledged at Karatbars, the entire delivery process will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

Question: When is delivery of my entire gold order possible?
Answer: The delivery of your gold purchase will depend on your purchase agreement.
One-time purchase Plan:  Orders of at least 10 grams may be delivered upon request, shipping fees will apply.
Purchase Plan:   Your entire delivery is possible when you have purchased at least 100 grams of gold at a gold price of more than 50,- € per gram.  
Please Note:  In the event of gold being priced lower than 50,- € per gram, you must meet the 5.000,- € minimum for entire delivery.

Question: If I choose a Purchase plan and I pay monthly 50,- € or 100,- € , when can I request delivery of my gold?
Answer: The first 25 \”1-gram-goldbars\” will be stored and held in reserve as lump-sum-bars for you.  Furthermore, you have the opportunity to request delivery with every single gold bar from the 26th gold bar and upwards.  The first 25 gold bars will remain in storage until you have reached 100 gold bars commitment in your gold account.  The first 25 bars which were held in reserve, will be released once you have met the 100 unit gold bar commitment.

Please correct me if i’m wrong but from what i’m reading here people are buying Karatbars and NOT taking Physical delivery of the gold until some Future time! This is not recommended at all. They don’t have the gold until its ordered, then they don’t ship the gold until a certain amount has been accumulated. Now don’t get me wrong if that is what you want to do its a free country but with a company taking in that amount of PACKAGE MONEY and then not delivering the gold until a future date is a recipe for bad things to happen.




Pleas contact me if you have a sincere desire to learn and partake in the Precious Metals home business industry. You will never be SOLD a line. I am a professional and we will have a professional conversation. I cant answer any question you have about any company to help you meet your needs.

Adam Dimora


I will be finishing this review very soon…to be continued.


ISN Coins now pays you to sell bullion.

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ISN Coins is the only network marketing silver and gold business that is paying professional reps to promote silver bullion. If you are reading this post there is only one reason for it.

1. You have been awakened to the realities of our current fiscal and monetary mess.

2. You have been educating yourself on silver and golds ability to help you in your quest for a better financial life.

3. Hopefully you have been exposed to the very real possibility that the greatest wealth transfer in history is on the horizon.

4. You are interested in getting involved with this educational movement because your passionate about the message and helping others.

5. You are looking for a “VEHICLE” that will pay you to “GET INTO THE GAME”.


 Breaking NEWS Flash. ISN Coins has announced the arrival of a new Bullion roll out coming the first month of 2014. Up to this point there has not been a REAL coins company offering the ability to earn income from the sales of bullion coins. Fundamentally ISN Modern Coins is a MODERN NUMISMATIC COINS company located in the heart of the coins mecca in Sarasota, Florida. ISN has always offered bullion at great prices to it’s “IN NETWORK” members with no minimum requirements but didnt offer reps the ability to make income selling the bullion. That all changes in less than 30 days from now.

Hello my name is Adam Di Mora and I am the top recruiter here within the ISN Coins opportunity. Over the last 3 years since the launch of ISN Coins in November of 2010 I have dedicated thousands of hours to the development of not only ISN but the Silver/gold MLM industry in general. I highly suggest that you take serious what we have developed here because there has never been a company created like ISN Coins. I know because I helped design and create it with my own two hands from the ground up.

U.S. Mint Cases 500 Ounces of Silver Eagles per case

U.S. Mint Cases 500 Ounces of Silver Eagles per case


There are only a few companies that have tried to take on this task of offering regular people a real business within the precious metals sector. I assure you it is a very difficult thing to get done. From balancing the compensation plan, overlooking margins, choosing proper coins, development of the right relationships within the precious metals world, keeping the price of the business low and the potentiality for those who are serious very high. All of these converge onto you when trying to create a precious metals mlm and it takes work. But what you don’t know can hurt you.

Numismatic Coins VS Bullion Coins

This is one of the biggest questions I get literally on a daily basis. Whats the difference between a numismatic coin and a bullion coin? Most people call me with the statement, “I’m only interested in bullion and not so much into numismatics”. Fine with me. Lucky we still live in a free country. I will normally ask them this question. “Have you even made your first purchase of precious metals yet?”, 9 times out of ten they will say NO.  There are benefits to both sides of this coin and if your looking into home business within the precious metals sector there are a few things you need to know.


1. IF you are looking network marketing business within the precious metals sector you must understand that the margins required to create such a vehicle can NOT be realized with BULLION as the main focus. The margins just don’t exist. Here is why.

If the SPOT price of silver today is $20 even the largest firms can’t get it for less than $2-$2.50 over spot and these companies are purchasing millions of dollars worth. But you can’t sell for more than $7 over spot and be taken very seriously. So as you can imagine even if a company pushed Silver Eagles up to $7 over spot and they are buying at $2.50 over that leaves less than $5 per coin to get the company paid not including getting the network paid to generate sales. You can’t survive on a $3-$4 spread it’s impossible for the mlm world. Period! Trust me I know what I’m talking about.

The Core of a network marketing silver/gold business must come from the sale of Numismatic products because there is a larger margin that is legitimate and necessary. But BULLION is VERY IMPORTANT. People that are coming into this business have only just begun to learn about silver and gold. They have no idea about NGC or PCGS “third party grading services”, or about the Sheldon scale, the difference between Bullion, Proof, Reverse Proof, Strikes, Dies, Mints, Sets, Grades, Mintages, Populations and the list goes on. So let me hone this in a bit.


If you are looking for a business in silver and gold. There is no other Island to land on. Beginning in 2014 I will have all of the bullets needed in my gun to go into the marketplace and make income selling both bullion and numismatics to customers while earning residual income teaching others how to do the same, generate real wealth, save in real money and tangible assets while I prepare for what I believe is going to be the largest wealth transfer in history. And folks I’m loving every minute of it. This business is anything but boring, and I NEVER, I repeat NEVER have to be embarrassed to share my company, my products and the education that I know so many desperately need to know.

ISN Coins offers you a powerful opportunity to make money, get off your duff and make it happen for yourself. Everyone you know should own precious metals they just don’t know it. Would you be the one to introduce this concept to them?

Call Me Anytime to speak. This is what I do. 12/5/2013

Call Me Today!


Take a Site Tour:


ISN Coins is growing and on the move.

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ISN coins is the worlds only collectible coins silver mlm. It opened its doors almost 3 years ago now in November of 2010 and has very quickly become the company in precious metals for individuals seeking a legitimate Network Marketing opportunity in the precious metals home business arena. This week 8-4-2013 ISN announced its plans to move its corporate headquarters to Sarasota, FL which is stategically located 15 minutes from the Numismatic Guarantee Corporate, the world’s mot respected third party grading company. This is a great move for the company as their turn time for coin delivery will now be even better. Sarasota is on of the coin meccas in the United States and so it only makes sense for the company to make the move there among its piers.

ISN Coins New Corp Headquarters in Sarasota, FL

ISN Coins New Corp Headquarters in Sarasota, FL

In the last 3 months ISN Coins has begun to to get attention from some of the larger industry leaders who didn’t even know the wonderful company even existed as founder Matt Barkes and Vincent Roy have never been willing to pay out bonuses for networkers to bring over their downlines. This is truly a grassroots company that believes the “PEOPLE” will catch on once they see what we do.

In the last 90 days ISN has announced the hiring of Keith Nierodzinski to head up the U.S. operations as Vice President of Operations, Chrissie Messier who is now full time working ISN’s administrative position, Mr. Chris Pomelli a very savvy and successful businessman in the U.K. to head up operations there and a huge corp move to Sarasota, FL. This doesn’t look like a company that is going anywhere any time soon.

I addition the company has seen over 20 individual reps hit the rank of gold director and qualify for a free Mercedes Benz after only the first 5 months of implementing the compensation perk. ISN coins is obviously leading the charge in the precious metals silver and gold network marketing and mlm industry. When you visit the ISN MODERN COINs site which is the Coins Division you will notice a few things. A very professional and beautiful site. There is no pitching potential customers on the business opportunity, which is very smart. ISN Coins is only selling the best coins with the best certifications and grades from around the world and also offers a great in network service that allows all members the ability to purchase silver eagle bullion coins at $2.99-$3.99 over spot with no minimum requirements at any time. This alone is a great value to all who understand bullion. Take a look at my coins site here its beautiful click the image below.

ISN Modern Coins Retail Site

ISN Modern Coins Retail Site

I personally was the first in the U.S. to hit the Benz Bonus and what I want to say is  that it didn’t take much to do it. In order to hit the rank of Gold Director and qualify for the $600 per month Benz Bonus you need

1. 3 Total Reps on Level 1 of your unilevel. They can be personally enrolled or sponsor placed their by your upline.

2. Those reps must have a PQV or personal monthly qualifying volume of $100.

3. You must have a total of $12,000 in total team volume with a 60% rule meaning that only 60% or $7200 can come from one “Leg” or “Team” within your organization.

$12,000 in volume! Numis Network which recently merged into travel also has a car bonus and it took their top recruiter 18 months and 12,000 “REPS” in the company to hit it. Here you can do it with under 100 Reps. I sincerely ask anyone reading this post that is “SERIOUS” or a seasoned networker to give me a call so we can talk. We get paid to collect silver and gold coins it’s that simple.

Adam Dimora First ISN Coins Rep to earn the Benz Bonus in the U.S.

Adam Dimora First ISN Coins Rep to earn the Benz Bonus in the U.S.

Please click here to visit my Network Marketing or Direct Sales Division site and I look forward to speaking with you.

Click this coin to visit the site

Click this coin to visit the site

There is nobody more qualified to speak with regarding ISN Coins  and precious metals mlm at large than Adam Di Mora. So give Me a Call today.

Adam Dimora in Center with Matt Barkes CEO of ISN and Keith Nierodzinsky Vice President of US Operations. Adam was the opening speaker at the first United Kingdom event bot for the closed session and for the Open meetings.

Adam Dimora in Center with Matt Barkes CEO of ISN and Keith Nierodzinski Vice President of U.S. Operations in the Midlands, U.K. Adam was the opening speaker at the first United Kingdom event both for the closed session leadership introductions and for the first open meetings which led to an explosive growth in the United Kingdom!


Contact Me Anytime

Contact Me Anytime

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Why Silver Collectible Coins With ISN

Perhaps the x-factor of ISN Coins is the fact that we’ve “Cracked the Code” when it comes to precious metals and home business. There has never been a company so close to the industry, so entrenched in the product of coins and so sold out on the relevance that sits in the intrinsic art we all purchase every month. It takes a delicate balance and dedication to make a company like ISN work and work well. When I began my journey in the world of precious metals it was like a whole new world was opened up to me. Learning the markets, mints, strikes, grades, sets and the list goes on. But I knew that this was definitely something that I was falling in love with. I had discovered a lifelong “Hobby”.

The Hobby that Pays me

The Hobby that Pays me

After spending almost seven years now in the wonderful world of coins, I’m filled with thankfulness that I now have the ability to earn a life changing income sharing what I’ve discovered with others. There has never been such a great concept in Network Marketing. When people ask me what I do I tell them. I collect world coins and get paid to share that with others. Seriously that sounds like it’s too good to be true and you have no idea how many times I’ve heard that statement. Well it’s not because at ISN we are living it every day.

Honing in on the subject of collectible coins I’d like to point out that ISN didn’t invent the idea. Let it never be said otherwise. Numismatics has been in our world for centuries and the art of coin creation has only gotten better and more sophisticated with technology. But today we find ourselves in a unique time in history. People now more than ever need more income and are looking for a way to create it, they also are frantically looking for ways to preserve and increase their wealth. ISN has taken these two needs and concerns and merged them into an inexpensive vehicle for wealth creation using the “Collectible Coin” as the vehicle.

The ISN Coins Product: Beautiful Coins

The ISN Coins Product: Beautiful Coins

The Collectible Coin is packed with “Energy”. I think of them as seeds with great potential to grow. At the core of the collectible coin is the “Intrinsic Value”. This comes from the underlying physical metal. Silver and Gold are money and always have been. This is ingrained into the human heart and nobody will deny this. So unlike most businesses that sell you juice, pills or cell phone bills, ISN in a powerful way is causing people to save in Intrinsic VALUE rather than taking your value.

Secondly collectible coin values also come from the power of a worldwide community of coin collectors that is growing every year.  One hundred and thirty billion dollars is spent worldwide and eleven million per hour in the United States alone. Recently the precious metals price in gold and silver took a dip and many began to speculate saying we were moving from a bull to a bear market in technical terms. The power of the collectible coin is that the value isn’t based on just the metal, so even though many lost money on their bullion purchased they lost absolutely nothing in terms of value for those holding real numismatic coins. Silver is the most used precious metal of all time. When you hold silver in your hand you are holding hard work, man power and energy in your hands. It represents something that isn’t easily attained. With all of the global trends converging onto the world such as the endless money printing and fiscal stimulus, the growing demand for physical silver for industrial demand, a very limited supply and silver’s potential to skyrocket in value there isn’t a better product to be collecting period. Here at ISN we are purchasing the most beautiful, widely recognized and purchased coins in the world. From the U.S. Mint to the Perth in Australia, whatever is on our site for you to buy and sells is only the best. Success in ISN doesn’t begin with a paycheck, it actually begins at the moment you join the company and begin your journey into the wonderful world of Collectible Intrinsic Art. You can do nothing but benefit from participating in something that is educational, fun and adds to the list of important categories that can help build your family legacy. Bottom line we get paid to promote and expand the precious metals industry, while we benefit from one of the most fair and dynamic compensation plans I’ve ever seen, so get involved, get educated, become a professional and enjoy the ride here at ISN Coins!


By Adam Dimora, Master Distributor of ISN Coins

Connect Anytime



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Silvermlm is the best kept secret with the network marketing industry. I Highly recommend that if your looking into the silvermlm industry that you take a good look at Isn Coins. This company offers you “Wholesale Prices” on silver Assets. This is a perfect membership for those that want to buy coins at the best prices.

How many of you would ever expect that a Silvermlm could beat the prices of companies like or Gainseville Coins, but we do. By leaps and bounds.

If you are shopping for the right silvermlm to partner with, i believe you have just found it. Go do your due diligence and I believe you come back running.

Come take the my personal system tour and take advantage of my free offer. Click the Picture.



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Facebook PPC Marketing with Funnel System

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Facebook PPC marketing is a very powerful way to introduce people to your business or product. There are many thin that you can do you get your business seen and this is one strategy that i use. This does require a “Marketing Budget” and is an investment into you company. You can build your business for free, but it will grow faster if you have a marketing budget as well.

This specific video I am showing you how I used a Facebook PPC Ad to get people through my personal Isn Coins Marketing funnel. This was a one time campaign that i ran for a few days that turned into so far 7 new business partners and only cost my $61 to run the ad. I ended up with a $300 ROI or return on my investment, and an additional $84 per month in residual income in just 3 days.

Facebook PPC MArketing Strategy

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Why Silver  with Isn Coins a Specifically Numismatic Ms69 Graded Coins?

-Silver Coins have been a preservation of wealth for thousands of years, and
have been collected by the ultra rich, such as kings for centuries.

-Having an Asset on Auto-ship Rather than a consumable is highly favored and
makes more cents! Would you prefer juice, cosmetics, or Silver and gold coins?

-Collectible Coins have the unique ability to increase in Value over time.
While most other products, have no ability to preserve wealth or increase in

-Collectible Coin Sales have reached more than 1 Billion Dollars worldwide
and growing! Massive Worldwide Market!

-Collectible coins can be passed down from generation to generation, with a
focus on real money, and tangible asset accumulation. This concept has been
lost in the last 30 years, but practicing the “Hobby of Kings” helps to regenerate
that important aspect of fiscal integrity.

-Collecting Coins as a family Hobby is priceless, and has the unique ability
to get your children interested in history, teaches them about real money,
and saving in assets. This is a very important concept that if learned at a
young age can be literally life changing.

Why Certified Silver?

-Certified Silver Coins have two values, collectible value as well as
precious metal value, and therefore has the unique ability to increase in
value in two distinct ways rather than just one.

-With Certified Coins there are no Legal issues, but “Bullion” coins have
many securities laws associated with them. Worry Free Program!

-Certified Coins are “Guaranteed” to be “Real” Silver or Gold and not Fake

-Certified coins are Non-confiscatible by the Federal Government

-Certified Coins Have no Shelf-Life

-Certified Coins are graded on the “Sheldon Scale” and Collectors the world
over want coins that are graded and preserved for their “Mint-Sate” Condition
according to the Sheldon Scale.

Benefits of buying from ISn Coins

-30 day 100% money back guarantee. 30 day Coin Buy-Back program

-Coins Fully Insured

-Guaranteed to be Real Silver Coins

-Convenient Monthly Auto-shipping Available

-No Broker Fees

-Fast Shipping

-Isn Member Pricing “Bulk orders allow ISN better Deals”

-PCGS & NGC Certified coins only. There are many grading companies,but with

Isn you will only recieve coins graded by the two most respected numismatic
grading companies in the world!

ISN Business Membership

-Ground Floor Silver Business

-Life Changing Income Potential

-Major Trend Forming

-Auto-Ship is Assets: Forced Accumulation

-ISN Business = Tax Savings

-Fiscal Education/Community

-Mindset/Skill-set Development

-Product is prestigious/Not Embarrassing

-Product Relevance/Perfect For Today’s Economy

Join Isn With me today.

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Listen to This. Just Makes Sence Right?

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Isn Coins “Coin collectors Choice”

All Americans should own silver and gold, and practice the "Hobby of Kings"!! ISN the Coin Collectors Network Protected by Copyscape Duplicate Content FinderProtected by Copyscape Duplicate Content FinderProtected by Copyscape Duplicate Content Finder