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Silver Bullion MLM

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Silver Bullion MLM or Silver Bullion Multi-Level Marketing is bound to be typed into the search engines, so I feel this is a perfect opportunity to capture some attention here. I’m looking for people that want to save BIG on the purchase of bullion coins. I’m talking .50 Cents less than MONEX is currently selling American Silver Eagles for.

Buy Bullion at Dealer Cost!

This is the best “under the radar” bullion savings membership I’ve ever seen, and they even pay you to refer others. Investing in bullion is so refreshing and rewarding, but you will want to make sure your getting the best quality at the best prices. I speak with people every day that have been buying bullion from or which are two of the largest sellers of bullion period. I can get Bullion “cheaper” than them all day long! Period.

This Silver Bullion MLM is not what you’d expect. This is more like a “Costco” type membership. You pay in advance for a year membership of discounted prices on Bullion. It’s that simple. I have been buying my bullion so cheap that i can ACTUALLY SELL IT AT A PROFIT.

Here is an example. If you check the price of Silver Eagles at Monex today as of 4/10/2011 after their 1.75% fee and the $25 shipping the cost per coin over spot was $3.88 over spot. Today I’m getting my silver eagles from POW for .50 cents cheaper per coin. So if you have an order of 500 coins, that’s a $250 savings for your customer. On a 1000 coin order of silver eagles that’s a $500 Savings over the “Best” prices on the net.

I love my business. This is the most rewarding niche I’ve ever participated in, and I’m not going anywhere. I remember making my first purchase of silver eagles with Apmex when silver was $10 per ounce. WOW, What a ride so far!

You don’t earn commissions on the sale of bullion coins with this membership specifically. You will earn $100 referral bonuses every time you refer a new POW member. QUESTION: How many people do you believe are out there right now who would live to buy Bullion at “DEALER COST”. This is what I’m offering you today. No Gimmicks, a Solid at Cost Bullion Membership. Silver Bullion MLM is the best way to buy silver or gold bullion in any form at wholesale prices and also ad an extra income stream to refer others.

Click the Picture below for more information or to purchase your membership today.

I personally do “Not” utilize the POW¬† “Business Opportunity” only the “At Cost” Pricing on Bullion

Silver Bullion MLM. Bullion at Dealer Cost. Call me anytime at 707-330-1325, Adam.

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