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Numis Network vs Isn Coins

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The keywords Isn Coins vs Numis network were bound to be typed into the search engines, and so for anyone wanting information on the differance between the two this is my attempt to answer that question. Its hard to talk about silver, gold, and MLM without mentioning Numis Network. Numis is by far the most recognized Numismatic Coin Mlm in our industry, and for good reason. Numis has millionaire owners, a huge name from the numismatic industry in Mike Mezack, a beautiful website, thousands of Reps on autoship and some great marketers like Ray Higdon, and Cedrick Harris. Numis sells all sorts of numismatic coins, from the flagship silver eagles, to gold St. Gaudens. So with all of these positives we would expect many to participate, especially being the first credible company in years which put the Collectable Coin MLM’s back on the map. For all of these reasons my hat is of to Numis Network. I honestly feel that nobody could have been harmed by being a member. Practicing the “Hobby of Kings” is definetely a concept within MLM that Numis revived, and for that I’m grateful.

Now with that said, at the core of Numis Network is an opportunity to earn income, in addition to Practicing Coin Collecting. I don’t believe that people would join Numis simply to collect coins “in the general sense”, but the fundamentals is always “INCOME”.

In order to not be winded I’d like to get right into it. Comparing Numis Network and the new Isn Coins or International Silver Network “Commissions Structures”.

For the sake of time follow the link to see the Numis Network compensation plan from thier site. Review it and come back again to finish review. I believe this will help make the “picture” clearer if you will.

There are many income streams with Numis here they are.

1.Retail Commissions

2.Fast Track Collector Bonuses

3.Bynary Cycle Bonuses

4.Enroller matching bonuses

5.Coded Matching Bonuses

6.Leadership Bonus Pools “Must Qualify”

7.Car Program “Must Qualify”

8.Vacations “Must Qualify”

What I want to do is focus on the aspects of the comp plan that most average people may actually earn. Spending time here on the Vacations, Car Bonuses, and Bonus pools is not my goal here because these are what I call “Carrots”, not just within Numis but many MLM companies. But for the most part the “Carrots” are not realized, so I want to focus on what the average person can achieve here.

1. Fast Track Collector Bonus

Here you will earn a $100 bonus every time you sell a Fast Track Collector’s Kit, either to a customer or personally enrolled Executive Representatives.

Here you can expect to earn a $100 commissions for ever Fast Track Collector Kit you sell. Now the Fast Track Collector Kit costs $325. Here is what you receive.

Fast Track Collector’s Kit
Your Fast Track Collector’s Kit includes:

Graded Coin Attaché Case: (a $70 value)

MS70 Silver American Eagle: (Graded by Anacs)

‘Coins Are Cool’ video training series: This is simply education on Numismatics

Membership in the Silver Coin Of The Month Club: Simply put this is a monthly auto-ship of an Ms70 Coin graded by Anacs. This you can cancel at any time.

Preferred Customer Pricing: Supposed Discount Pricing.

Free Coin Grading Certificate: This allows you to send in 5 Coins to be graded by Anacs.

Now Many people will look at this and like it. But many will Not. That”s not my concern. What i want to talk about is what matters inside the kit.

In “my opinion” there are only 2 things that come with this kit of “significant” value.

1. The Coins Case 2. The Ms70 Coin you receive. Now with that said,its nice to have education on coins, and a supposed savings with preferred customer pricing but these “Extras” really don”t do anything to earn you an income, “In my opinion”. So if you sell this Fast Track Collector’skit you will earn $100 per pop.

Retail Commissions: This is simple. Earn the difference from your cost as a rep and the retail price you sell the coins for. I like this but the majority will not earn any life altering income from this income stream.

Bynary Cycle Bonuses: Now with this part of the plan I want to express my experiance, and what i’ve seen and heard about what I call the “Balancing Act”. With this Income stream you have to at least enroll 2 Collector Reps to even be eligible for bynary cycle bonuses. This is don’t care for. As a Collector1 there are no commissions paid to me in any cycle bonuses period until i enroll 2, in addition for the Cycle Bonus you earn a $30 cycle bonus for each 300 BV in “Pay Leg” (lesser volume leg). An easy way to calculate the binary compensation is to multiply ‘Pay Leg’ volume by 10%. Side Note you must qualify for this (Qualifications Absolutely A Must). From this point on I’d like to voice the frustration of many reps I”ve spoken to. Network Marketing is not an easy task, so when you are working within a compensation plan with “pay legs”, compensation balancing, and “qualifications” before you even begin, this to me is not condusive to growth, but in the contrary become “HURDLES” for 97% of Numis Network Members.

I don’t want to earn on a “lesser leg”, a ”pay leg” or any other ”leg”, if I build an organization I want to be compensated on every single sale in my company, based on my efforts. When I lose the ability to earn income no matter what,no matter where the business is coming from, to me this is “NOT GOOD” and massive “BREAKAGE“ is the result.

Enroller Matching Bonuses

Now this is where you can earn a matching bonuses when others in your team recieve their bynary cycle bonuses, and this is a great thing “If” people can actually “Qualify” for their own Bynary cycle bonuses. I believe that this is self explanitory. Many will never see even one Bynary cycle bonus, and if your members aren’t qualifying for their own Bynary cycle bonuses, you can’t earn the matches on them. “PERIOD”. This is another part of the plan I don’t care for. Instead of earning on every sale in your team, there are “qualifying hurdles” just to receive a cycle bonus. My opinion is that if a company is getting paid so should you no matter what leg it was in or who was qualifying. Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for “qualifying” for things like Bonus Pools, Cars, and vacations, but not for the basic parts of the comp plan that actually make the difference in the reps pocketbook.

Numis Bonus Pool

Here the the “Qualifications” for the Bonus Pool


Personally enroll and Keep 15 active Executive Representatives.
Personally enroll and Keep ten (10) qualified 3Stars.
Develop and maintain a minimum of 300 active representatives in your ‘Pay Leg’.
Monthly personal QV: 180 QV.
Must be qualified at the 5Star pay rank on the last day of the calendar month to earn a share of the 5Star Leadership Pool in the following month.
(Example: A 5Star qualifies on January 31st to share in the 5Star Pool for February sales.)
Required to provide cross-line support to representatives throughout company.

I Don’t know about you, but there is a ton of “qualifying” going on throughout this compensation plan. And in my opinion for the majority out there, most of these are never going to be realized. In close I wish Numis had implemented a more balanced compensation plan, rather than making reps balance the comp plan in order to earn income. Numis has a great company,with great products,but in my assesment a very difficult compensation structure for any average individual to earn income. I say this respectfully but at the same time reluctantly.

How is ISN COINS compensation Different?

There are 5 ways to earn here at Isn Coins. Here they are.

Uni-level Commissions (“8 Levels”)

Residual Coded Sponsor Bonus ($12 residual on personal enrollments)

Retail Commissions (Sales from Online Store)

Fast Start Bonus ($40)

Isn Bonus Pool “There are 5 Bonus Pool”

Here is the major difference. Note: “CR” stands for “Collector Rep”

The only “qualifying” you will ever have to do is for the Bonus Pools. Here are the qualifications

1.Enroll and maintain 4 “Collector Reps”——–”NOT 15″

2. For the Isn Bonus Pools 1-5 its simply the amount of Collector Reps in entire organization. Here is the break down.

Bonus pool 1 “Must have 4 personal collector reps” from here on its the amount of ”Collector Reps” in your team.

Bonus Pool 2 “Must have 20 ”CR’s” throughout entire team.

Bonus Pool 3 “Must have 100 ”CR’s” throughout entire team.

Bonus pool 4 “Must have 400 “CR’s” throughout entire team.

Bonus pool 5 “Must have 1500 “CR’s” throughout entire team.

That’s It. Maintain 4 Collector reps and from there its just the number of “CR’s” within your organization. Simple, Easy to understand.

This link will send you to Troy Dooleys review of Numis Network for a fair overview and his “Personal Opinion”. It is always necessary to provide different view points and Troy is one of the best in MLM and highly respected.

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This free training is a reality check for the industry. I fear that in many ways that the Internet has damaged the Network Marketing industry and for many has moved this wonderful industry into a paralyzed state of apathy. I was blessed to meet a pro in this industry not to long ago his name is Craig. He has brought some enlightenment to understanding  our industry.  Craig suggested that I listen to Tracy Biller’s free trainings on learning to do Network Marketing the right way. From the first audio training I could tell right away why he was so highly recommended.

The link below is a group of free audio trainings that I cant recommend enough. If you want  the proper mindset and the truth about this wonderful industry please go through these trainings. They are priceless. Click the pic below to access these absolutely free trainings.

Tracy Biller. Reality Check for Networkers.

Tracy Biller. Reality Check for Networkers.

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Isn Coins Benefits and the (P to P/S:R)

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Isn Coins offers one of the most unique, powerful and overall balanced  home business I’ve seen yet. There are many different aspects to choosing your specific business or program. This video gives very compelling evidence for why I’ve chosen to partner with Isn Coins, and how the “Benefits” of my ISN membership far outweighs the Monthly Cost.

This is FACTS not FICTION. Just in your face “Plain as Jaine” benefits, that you should consider in any company. Good luck on the search for you next business and I hope this help you in your decision making process. God Bless.

Isn Coins Benefits and the (P to P/S:R) Video 1

Isn Coins Benefits and the (P to P/S:R) Video 2

The Elevation Group is literally opening up the “Black Box” of the millionaire minds, and exposing all of the hidden secrets that the rich use to generate wealth. I  have never seen concepts as powerful in my life. This program is literally invaluable, and the information contained within it priceless.

Click here to change your financial mindset for good.   Huge Game Changing Information.

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Us Citizens Begin to go Nuts.

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Numis Network Scam?

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Numis Network  is just to expensive? That’s what i hear from the ground on a daily basis.  Isn Coins delivers a more cost effective business opportunity with a beautiful and easy to understand compensation plan. I think Numis Network is a beautiful company, very high quality, BUY not very practical. Many aren’t willing to pay $500 in Network Marketing, so why put a “Price-point” Hurdle in your way if it’s not needed?

The Numis Comp Plan is complicated, and hard to understand. With Isn Coins, its very to know what you will earn, the compensation structure is an 8 Level uni-level and its simple. Earn $4 for every rep in the uni-level. The uni-level commission is just 1 of 5 income streams.

Own your own silver and gold business today. Join Isn Coins Now and we will send you a Ms69 Silver Eagle.

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The best thing about ISN COINS is that the membership comes with so many benefits. For a very affordable price per month I am given an Isn Coins Membership. This membership sends me a monthly Ms69 Government Coin, the ability to own a business refering the membership, and allows for tax-savings.

There are many companies that charge you $50 just for a replicated website but with Isn Coins you recieve a beautiful coin worth almost the entire cost of the membership. Would you rather have a pantry full of juice, pills, cosmetics, OR Silver and Gold coins?

ISN COINS has the lowest pricepoint with the highest payout.

I highly recommend that you jump into an Isn membership today.



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Time is Short, Enjoy what you do.

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The end of the world as we know it?

Sometimes with all the craziness going on in the world I wonder to myself, what in the world is going on?  I think about the economy. How it seems that our debt is going to bankrupt the country, and how our dollar is losing so much value because of runaway government spending. As a 34 year old father I ask myself what is going to happen to America, and what will America look like in 10, or 20 years. As I watch current events around the world, theconditions that have now put a stranglehold on the world seem overwhelming. From the rise of Islamic Terrorism, to the possible collapse of the dollar and with it worldwide currency reserves. All I want to do sometimes is sit on the beach with my Son, drink a nice cold one, and thank God for everything, but even that seems though to do sometimes.

With all of use trying to make a living, be parents, and so on, its good to have a hobby, something to do outside of work for enjoyment. One of the things that I have come to enjoy is the collecting of Numismatic Collectable Coins. In a time like this I can’t find a more relevant product to sell or a more meaningful product to collect. There are many ways to earn extra income, but why not earn income, while at the same time enjoying  your business. Here is my point. Isn Coins is a great way to get your mind off of the dismal projected times, and onto something that can make you a great income, all while lifting the spirits. I love it when a new coins comes to my door, it means another piece of history for me to share my Son. It also means that i just earned some income.

Ive literally met people in this company that i would had never met if it wasnt for ISN COINS. Good friends, Veterans, Intelligence Officers, Marketing Jurus, Business Owners, Tea Party members and much more. We really need to come together in tough times and open up in dialouge and topics. Because Isn Coins is a Collectable Coins Company, we have a huge variety of people interested, you would be amazed. 

The “Hobby of Kings” is our favorite hobby here at International Silver Network and I highly suggest that you consider a memebrship with (Isn Coins).

Collect Beautiful Ms69 Coins

Mean Many Wonderful Americans

Collect Wealth

Earn Income


And somuch more all for a low monthly membership of only $50

You can contact me anytime.

Adam Dimora/ 707-330-1325/

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Isn Coins “Coin collectors Choice”

All Americans should own silver and gold, and practice the "Hobby of Kings"!! ISN the Coin Collectors Network Protected by Copyscape Duplicate Content FinderProtected by Copyscape Duplicate Content FinderProtected by Copyscape Duplicate Content Finder