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ISN Coins now pays you to sell bullion.

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ISN Coins is the only network marketing silver and gold business that is paying professional reps to promote silver bullion. If you are reading this post there is only one reason for it.

1. You have been awakened to the realities of our current fiscal and monetary mess.

2. You have been educating yourself on silver and golds ability to help you in your quest for a better financial life.

3. Hopefully you have been exposed to the very real possibility that the greatest wealth transfer in history is on the horizon.

4. You are interested in getting involved with this educational movement because your passionate about the message and helping others.

5. You are looking for a “VEHICLE” that will pay you to “GET INTO THE GAME”.


 Breaking NEWS Flash. ISN Coins has announced the arrival of a new Bullion roll out coming the first month of 2014. Up to this point there has not been a REAL coins company offering the ability to earn income from the sales of bullion coins. Fundamentally ISN Modern Coins is a MODERN NUMISMATIC COINS company located in the heart of the coins mecca in Sarasota, Florida. ISN has always offered bullion at great prices to it’s “IN NETWORK” members with no minimum requirements but didnt offer reps the ability to make income selling the bullion. That all changes in less than 30 days from now.

Hello my name is Adam Di Mora and I am the top recruiter here within the ISN Coins opportunity. Over the last 3 years since the launch of ISN Coins in November of 2010 I have dedicated thousands of hours to the development of not only ISN but the Silver/gold MLM industry in general. I highly suggest that you take serious what we have developed here because there has never been a company created like ISN Coins. I know because I helped design and create it with my own two hands from the ground up.

U.S. Mint Cases 500 Ounces of Silver Eagles per case

U.S. Mint Cases 500 Ounces of Silver Eagles per case


There are only a few companies that have tried to take on this task of offering regular people a real business within the precious metals sector. I assure you it is a very difficult thing to get done. From balancing the compensation plan, overlooking margins, choosing proper coins, development of the right relationships within the precious metals world, keeping the price of the business low and the potentiality for those who are serious very high. All of these converge onto you when trying to create a precious metals mlm and it takes work. But what you don’t know can hurt you.

Numismatic Coins VS Bullion Coins

This is one of the biggest questions I get literally on a daily basis. Whats the difference between a numismatic coin and a bullion coin? Most people call me with the statement, “I’m only interested in bullion and not so much into numismatics”. Fine with me. Lucky we still live in a free country. I will normally ask them this question. “Have you even made your first purchase of precious metals yet?”, 9 times out of ten they will say NO.  There are benefits to both sides of this coin and if your looking into home business within the precious metals sector there are a few things you need to know.


1. IF you are looking network marketing business within the precious metals sector you must understand that the margins required to create such a vehicle can NOT be realized with BULLION as the main focus. The margins just don’t exist. Here is why.

If the SPOT price of silver today is $20 even the largest firms can’t get it for less than $2-$2.50 over spot and these companies are purchasing millions of dollars worth. But you can’t sell for more than $7 over spot and be taken very seriously. So as you can imagine even if a company pushed Silver Eagles up to $7 over spot and they are buying at $2.50 over that leaves less than $5 per coin to get the company paid not including getting the network paid to generate sales. You can’t survive on a $3-$4 spread it’s impossible for the mlm world. Period! Trust me I know what I’m talking about.

The Core of a network marketing silver/gold business must come from the sale of Numismatic products because there is a larger margin that is legitimate and necessary. But BULLION is VERY IMPORTANT. People that are coming into this business have only just begun to learn about silver and gold. They have no idea about NGC or PCGS “third party grading services”, or about the Sheldon scale, the difference between Bullion, Proof, Reverse Proof, Strikes, Dies, Mints, Sets, Grades, Mintages, Populations and the list goes on. So let me hone this in a bit.


If you are looking for a business in silver and gold. There is no other Island to land on. Beginning in 2014 I will have all of the bullets needed in my gun to go into the marketplace and make income selling both bullion and numismatics to customers while earning residual income teaching others how to do the same, generate real wealth, save in real money and tangible assets while I prepare for what I believe is going to be the largest wealth transfer in history. And folks I’m loving every minute of it. This business is anything but boring, and I NEVER, I repeat NEVER have to be embarrassed to share my company, my products and the education that I know so many desperately need to know.

ISN Coins offers you a powerful opportunity to make money, get off your duff and make it happen for yourself. Everyone you know should own precious metals they just don’t know it. Would you be the one to introduce this concept to them?

Call Me Anytime to speak. This is what I do. 12/5/2013

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Why Silver Collectible Coins With ISN

Perhaps the x-factor of ISN Coins is the fact that we’ve “Cracked the Code” when it comes to precious metals and home business. There has never been a company so close to the industry, so entrenched in the product of coins and so sold out on the relevance that sits in the intrinsic art we all purchase every month. It takes a delicate balance and dedication to make a company like ISN work and work well. When I began my journey in the world of precious metals it was like a whole new world was opened up to me. Learning the markets, mints, strikes, grades, sets and the list goes on. But I knew that this was definitely something that I was falling in love with. I had discovered a lifelong “Hobby”.

The Hobby that Pays me

The Hobby that Pays me

After spending almost seven years now in the wonderful world of coins, I’m filled with thankfulness that I now have the ability to earn a life changing income sharing what I’ve discovered with others. There has never been such a great concept in Network Marketing. When people ask me what I do I tell them. I collect world coins and get paid to share that with others. Seriously that sounds like it’s too good to be true and you have no idea how many times I’ve heard that statement. Well it’s not because at ISN we are living it every day.

Honing in on the subject of collectible coins I’d like to point out that ISN didn’t invent the idea. Let it never be said otherwise. Numismatics has been in our world for centuries and the art of coin creation has only gotten better and more sophisticated with technology. But today we find ourselves in a unique time in history. People now more than ever need more income and are looking for a way to create it, they also are frantically looking for ways to preserve and increase their wealth. ISN has taken these two needs and concerns and merged them into an inexpensive vehicle for wealth creation using the “Collectible Coin” as the vehicle.

The ISN Coins Product: Beautiful Coins

The ISN Coins Product: Beautiful Coins

The Collectible Coin is packed with “Energy”. I think of them as seeds with great potential to grow. At the core of the collectible coin is the “Intrinsic Value”. This comes from the underlying physical metal. Silver and Gold are money and always have been. This is ingrained into the human heart and nobody will deny this. So unlike most businesses that sell you juice, pills or cell phone bills, ISN in a powerful way is causing people to save in Intrinsic VALUE rather than taking your value.

Secondly collectible coin values also come from the power of a worldwide community of coin collectors that is growing every year.  One hundred and thirty billion dollars is spent worldwide and eleven million per hour in the United States alone. Recently the precious metals price in gold and silver took a dip and many began to speculate saying we were moving from a bull to a bear market in technical terms. The power of the collectible coin is that the value isn’t based on just the metal, so even though many lost money on their bullion purchased they lost absolutely nothing in terms of value for those holding real numismatic coins. Silver is the most used precious metal of all time. When you hold silver in your hand you are holding hard work, man power and energy in your hands. It represents something that isn’t easily attained. With all of the global trends converging onto the world such as the endless money printing and fiscal stimulus, the growing demand for physical silver for industrial demand, a very limited supply and silver’s potential to skyrocket in value there isn’t a better product to be collecting period. Here at ISN we are purchasing the most beautiful, widely recognized and purchased coins in the world. From the U.S. Mint to the Perth in Australia, whatever is on our site for you to buy and sells is only the best. Success in ISN doesn’t begin with a paycheck, it actually begins at the moment you join the company and begin your journey into the wonderful world of Collectible Intrinsic Art. You can do nothing but benefit from participating in something that is educational, fun and adds to the list of important categories that can help build your family legacy. Bottom line we get paid to promote and expand the precious metals industry, while we benefit from one of the most fair and dynamic compensation plans I’ve ever seen, so get involved, get educated, become a professional and enjoy the ride here at ISN Coins!


By Adam Dimora, Master Distributor of ISN Coins

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Did the Numis Network Merger with World Ventures Leaves reps feeling “Sold Out”?

Three Weeks ago when I got world from a Top Network Marketer that Numis Network was Merging with World ventures I was absolutely stunned at the notion. My problem was the source I received the information from was credible and I knew this was real. I have been a #1 Distributor in Precious Metals MLM now for years and even helped build an entire Company in the sector. So naturally understanding the dynamics of the Silver/Gold MLM niche there was something right away that I new was not right.

The Economic Realities and Fundamentals
With 50 million Americans on food stamps, jobs very hard to come by and an economy that is still being propped up by funny money, for the Middle class there is no real fundamental changes from the 2008 crisis. Everyone in Numis was taught the basic principles regarding why Numis chose silver and gold and why it made sense to by it. I was on one of the webinars they recently held speaking about the Merger between Numis Network and World Ventures and what I heard was disheartening to say the least. I am a precious metals guy. I understand the industry, I know why I buy precious metals and understand the difference between the bullion and numismatic categories when it comes to coins. There is no better product to be buying than silver and gold in MLM: Period. However the Numis team when on in that webinar to downgrade silver and gold because.

1. Its the 22-25 year old that are driving Network marketing today
2. Silver and Gold just don’t have the “Mass Appeal” that travel does.

You know after being in this business since 2009 and “NEVER LEAVING IT”.. there is nothing that could get me to deny the truth that Silver and Gold are the best product in MLM today. Yes there is some educating that needs to be done, but that is my pleasure and part of the fun. It’s not true that MLM is being driven by 22-25 year old’s and that statement is a downgrade for the industry to believe so. We have the large majority in the early 30’s to 60’s that actually get MLM and what it takes to build a real business. Not the online guru BS but the way MLM really is done in the real world on the ground running real people connecting and building something for the long term. Back to the subject.

People Need Money not Vacations
I speak with people everyday who want to join a home business to “MAKE MONEY”. Yes you can make money in travel. But i think its safe to say that people didn’t join Numis Network to travel but because they are short on income. So speaking about dream trips to the remote places of the world is plain stupidity. They know that’s not what they need and so does everyone else. How about we talk vacations when we actually have money to take one! This is what the sentiment of most American’s are saying today! Let’s find a way to get cash and tangible assets into families homes and talk vacation later.

Silver and Gold is Money
If you are required to make purchases of products in a Network Marketing Business today it just makes sense to buy tangible wealth preserving Assets! This has been the Numis Network Mantra from day one. Nothing more or less, it was silver and gold that made them special, that made them unique and people loved it.

Silver and Gold’s recent Dip
It’s also is note worthy that this happened right after a substantial correction in the spot price of silver and gold. This seems interesting. For me when the prices drop it’s a gift and a buying opportunity. Would you rather buy high or low? IF people will get educated on the economic realities that face this country and the world in the future they would be running to put some of their money into tangible assets at these prices. Fools buy high and the smart buy when fear is in the air, it’s just that simple. I’m not sure if the correction scared them but I thought that was a worthy side note.

Numis Network Reps Contacting Me
It wasn’t more than a few day after the announcement of the merger that Numis reps began to contact me wanting to know about ISN Coins obviously fron looking for something similar to numis in the silver and gold space. ISN is literally the only alternative to Numis Network, most didn’t even know ISN Coins existed. The truth is that the Top producers have always know ISN Coins was right there ready to be discovered by the masses. You see ISN Coins has never been willing to build by offering big up front cash to bigger networks. We believe in the grass roots Ron Paul type growth and that a good withing will spread quickly once discovered. The Numis reps calling me all say the same thing, that they feel the owners “Sold them out”. I can’t help but feel for you if you were a Numis rep are a “Silver Bug”. For me I know it has taken the wind out of many of the Numis reps sales.

Im Sorry
What I do want to say is that I’m sorry that this happened to you Numis reps that are sold out on silver and gold as I am. There is nothing anyone can say that makes sense of it all. From Silver and Gold to travel is like apples and oranges. What I do want to encourage you to do is keep stacking regardless of what Numis did and keep your heads up.

For all those looking for a New Home in Silver and Gold MLM allow me to introduce to you:

The International Silver Network or ISN Coins.

ISN Coins Silver and Gold Home Business

ISN Coins Silver and Gold Home Business

Just as a quick history lesson..we founded the company in November of 2010 during thanksgiving and since then have become the top silver and gold mlm in the world operating currently in many countries including USA, Canada, the UK, Holland, and more..within the last 90 days we have had almost 30 reps hit our Mercedes Benz bonus and have just announced our new Corp Headquarters move to Sarasota, Florida on of the coins meccas of the U.S.

ISN Coins Corp Headquarters in Sarasota, Florida

The ISN Coins Benz Bonus

Adam Dimora #1 Dealer at ISN Coins Benz Bonus Earner

Adam Dimora #1 Dealer at ISN Coins Benz Bonus Earner

The Numismatic Guarantee Corporation which is the most respected third party grading service in the world is located in Sarasota, Fl which is why we have decided to move within 15 minutes of that great company for the fastest turn times in the coins industry. This is important for you to know and understand. ISN is a COINS COMPANY first and foremost. We are completely sold out on the industry and aren’t going anywhere. There is a difference between a direct sales company choose coins as a product, and a coins company with a direct sales division. ISN is the latter, Numis was for former.

ISN has a powerful system for you to tap into. Uni level Payout, The Best Coins and certifications in the Industry, access to bullion at great prices, Benz Bonuses, Revenue Pools, Leadership Pools, Weekly and Monthly payouts, a very inexpensive buy in and much more. If you are disillusioned with the reality that Numis just went travel and are the guy like many i speak with that only want to deal with silver and gold, then you should give me a call. Our company is ready an willing to serve you today!

So the Good News!

So the good new is that Numis Network reps are not left without an option and a better one at that with an even greater opportunity to enjoy the silver and gold mlm industry at its finest. For more information take the tour here and fill out the survey so I know exactly what you are looking for, good luck and God Bless!

Click the Coin and take the tour

Click the Coin and take the tour


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Network Marketing Silver and Gold

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Network marketing in the Silver and Gold industry is a rewarding and lucrative situation from every aspect. For me I love to spend time with prospects sharing with them about the importance of the trends facing the silver and gold niche and why the products make so much sense within the home business concept. Coins MLM? Most say what in the world is that? Did you know that if you had bought just one MS70 American Silver Eagle since the Liberty Coin Act of 1985 under the Reagan administration  that you would own a coin set worth $53,000 today! Here is another eye popper. If you had purchased just one MS70 Silver Eagle per month since 1986 you would have a set worth over $620,000.

Pills, Cosmetics, Juice, Coffee, Cell Phones, Travel or whatever. These are the normative “Auto-ships” within the network marketing home business, direct sales industry. I take pills, my dates all wear cosmetics, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have a cup of coffee and I love to travel. Here is the unique difference in all of those products Vs the Silver and Gold Auto Ship. One takes wealth and the other preserves it: PERIOD! Lets illustrate. IF you had been buying ten pounds of coffee every month since 1986 what would the value of that coffee be today? The answer is simple: $0 … why?  Because it was consumed. Same with the cell phone bill, the cosmetics, pills and so on. This is NOT a bash on any company or any product as I love mlm for its diversity and the powerful products within. Here is the idea with most companies. They ask a question: Do you drink coffee, or do you use a cell phone and so on. So if you are going to use the product anyhow why not simply shift your provider and make money buying something you “already buy“.

The PROBLEM isn’t in concept, but in the fact that there is no shift in MINDSET. Even if you did save money on the switch from one product or service to another what would you do with the SAVINGS? 99 out of 100 would spend it. So in reality you didn’t change a thing but the product or service. At ISN Coins we simply save automatically in Pure Silver Coins every month. Ill still buy my coffee, take that trip and use my cell but at the end of the day i’m going to pay myself in an asset first and I’ll never miss the money because it was done “Automatically”.

There is a great book called “The Automatic Millionaire” and inside is a concept called the latte factor..look it up. In a nutshell “Save automatically” in things that can preserve wealth and have the potential to increase in value over time. “Never leave your savings to your own discipline” “MAKE IT AUTOMATIC”.. ISN Coins is a silver and gold home business that makes the purchase of silver assets “Automatic” every month as your business overhead. I truly believe that moving forward ISN will be swept up by the flood of Trends and rapidly turn into a large name in the industry. QE3, deficits, unemployment, recession, inflation, the home business boom along with major demand growing for silver and gold as people wake up they will begin to ask the question like when a light goes off in the head…”I wonder if there is a silver and gold network marketing business” and i’m telling you from the most truthful place “IT’s already beginning to happen”..As I have many people call me and say, “I’ve been in the nutrition industry for years but i’m looking for something tangible” this statement i’ve literally heard over and over in recent months the word “Tangible” and when I hear this word I know exactly what they mean. Look into the trends surrounding the silver and gold industry, study the history of silver and visit Youtube with keywords such as silver manipulation, silver prices, silver trends, and you will quickly see how deep, wide and real the business is. ISN Coins is an integrity filled opportunity that is literally risk free. 100% failure here comes in the form of valuable sets of government struck and certified MS70 coins…Remember the values at the beginning of the post? It just doesn’t get any better than that! Get involved and start stacking!

For more information on my silver and gold home business of choice click the image below.

What do you Save in?

What do you Save in?



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Isn Modern Coins “Coin of the Month”

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ISN Modern Coins is a wonderful Mdern day coins company. Its Direct Sales division has built in one of the most powerful “MEMBER BENEFITS” if ever seen in The industry. This specific benefit comes in what is called the “Coin of the Month”. The coin of the month is and exclusive benefit to BP members where ISN will offer a HIGH END collector Coin a vertually wholesale to its members… This month Feb 2012 the coin is absolutely spectaculor….. How many Coin companies do you know of that will sell at such a good price that you can turn them back into the market at a $40-$50 profit?

Click this link to see the Coin of the Month Overview and Market Analysis.


If you are looking into Coins or a Potential home buiness..It cant come better than this.


Adam Dimora


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Coin Collecting with Isn Coins is a huge pleasure…I’m earning income while collecting coins..what a concept. This video blog was created to give you some great information on the fundamentals of coin collecting and an inside look into this wonderful 100 billion dollar industry and how it works…Enjoy

Call me anytime 707-330-1325

Adam Dimora

Coin collector/ Investor/ #1 Isn Coins Dealer

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America Gold Reserve Review

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American gold Reserve is the newest company to come into the precious metals mlm industry. I have had many prospects call me asking me my thoughts on this new program and what the actual low-down is. At the very beginning of AGR’s inception I was contacted by one of AGR’s distributors with a top position to take a serious look and consider joining him. Because I’m a leader in this industry I am extended great positioning whenever a new company opens up within the precious metals niche. Being a network marketer it’s to my benefit to know other programs within my niche so I was glad to review the program. This is a written review on from my professional perspective. Before you read this review I do want to make one this clear right off of the bat. AGR does have very good prices on their silver and gold coins. Their prices are very competitive and that is a good thing. However for distributors trying to earn a substantial income with AGR this is “NOT” a great thing as the commissions is paid directly out of the spread of the coins…you’ll learn what I mean in the review so enjoy.

Amercian Gold Reserve Statement

The first statement of the AGR website is this and I quote: ” AGR is the First in network marketing to offer discount gold and silver and is the First in network marketing to offer discount gold and silver with affiliate commissions” Being that I’ve been in the silver and gold mlm niche as a top player now since 2008 I can tell you that this is not 100% true.

The first part of the statement : American Gold Reserve is the First in network marketing to offer discount gold and silver” is not true and I know this for a FACT because I’ve been a member of Preservation of Wealth now for a long time, and Preservation of wealth has been selling precious metals at “Dealer” cost to its members for a long time running, and below the prices that AGR is offering it’s members. You can visit my POW website to confirm this at

The second part of the statement:American Gold Reserve is the First in network marketing to offer discount gold and silver with affiliate commissions” … First I’d like to ask the question..What can truly be considered “Discount Gold”? In my opinion to claim that you have prices so good that you can claim “Discount Gold” isn’t it fair to assume that the prices would at least be better than any company that I can easily purchase my bullion from on the net, or at a local coin dealer? The premise that AGR has “Discount Gold” for me is questionable at best. Currently American Gold Reserve is claiming that they will pay out: “American Gold Reserve has developed a cutting-edge affiliate program that will pay out commissions up to an amazing 80% of the margin/spread/profit above the gold or silver “spot price”. So is AGR the first to pay out commissions on silver and gold coins? Of course not. They are making the claim that they are the first mlm the offer “Affiliate commissions” on “Discounted Gold Coins” and for me this is very hard to confirm.

The Payout

So AGR is going to pay out 80% of the margin or the difference between the “Spot Price” and their “Markup” into a 3×9 matrix compensation plan.

Do the numbers make sense? Here is the breakdown.

AGR is paying out 5% per level into a 3×9 Matrix. They are paying out 80% of their MARGINS. Here is the real numbers.

This example is based off of 1 oz of gold at $1600 Spot Price.

*The Commissionable amount on a 1 oz Gold round would be $44

*80% of that or $35.20 would be paid out into the 3×9 matrix for affiliate payouts

* At 5% per level in the matrix this comes to a $1.76 per level through 9 levels

As of this Review the Spot Price of Gold is approx $1600 per ounce. AGR markup is approx 2.75% Now although this is a competitive price I do not believe this spread can honestly qualify to be called “Discount Gold” prices. Preservation of Wealth offers a 2% markup on American Gold Eagles and here we are talking about a 2.75% Spread on a 1oz Gold Round. To be fair a 2.75% spread is well within a “GOOD”  fair price in the industry. But keep in mind that the smaller the spead for American Gold Reserve the smaller the Commissions payed out into the Matrix per level.

AGR’s Catch 22

There is multiple hurdles silver and gold mlm’s that have tried to work within the “BULLION” category have run into in the past and AGR is not immune to them. The first is the “MARGINS”. AGR can’t mark up the cost of gold much more than they currently do without pricing themselves out of the market…So the very thing that AGR claims as a benefit IE discounted prices is the very thing that makes the compensation payout VERY MINIMAL. Imagine on a $1600 coin sale only earning $1.75….With the state of the U.S. economy not many are going to be purchasing Gold coins and if they do generally from a well known brokerage such as Goldline International, American Precious Metals and others.

The second issue is regulatory..for whatever reason every mlm company dealing with the sale of bullion that is PAYING COMMISSIONS on the sales of the bullion has been shut down. So you’ll have to take your chances there as well. Preservation of Wealth doesn’t pay out commissions on the sale of any coins and thus doesn’t have to worry about that problem.

Here is some more numbers.

If one person in your matrix purchases 1 ounce of gold at the AGR discount spread of $44…The company pays out 80% or $35.20 into the matrix….you earn 5% or $1.75 on a $1600 sale. So if you actually break down the numbers further you take the $1.76 divided by $1600= a very small .11% on the volume of the gold that was purchased..this is not good news for individuals trying to earn a life changing income.  Imagine selling 20 of these coins at $1600 a pop for a total sale of $32,000. You would earn a total commission of $35.20. Do you see where I’m going with this. This is the problem with a company like this..they can’t mark up the product enough to pay out real commissions without pricing themselves right out of the market.

The Monthly minimum auto-ship and AGR retention

Here are the numbers on the monthly required auto-shop of $180 per member. More than likely the 1/10 ounce gold coin would be the monthly product of choice. The 1/10 oz gold round would fullfill the monhtly minimum requirement and would pay out as follows.

On a 1/10 ounce gold round which fulfills the monthly requirement of  $180 PV the commission paid out on this is $23. $23 x 80% payout x 5% payout per level comes to a whopping .92 cents per person in your matrix. As they say “It is what it is”….

According to what I’ve heard the minimum monthly required auto-ship will be approx $180 per month to qualify you to earn in the matrix. This is the cost every single person in the company will have to pay monthly in order to qualify to earn in a very matrix with very little payout per level as I have mentioned. You can mark my words that this is a disaster for AGR and its retention within the matrix. People just aren’t going to payout $180 per month every month just to be involved with a 3×9 matrix with a $1.76 payout per level..It’s simply not sustainable in my view. On the contrary with ISN COINS for example I pay out about $90 per month and that comes with a coin worth about $60 retail…so my out of pocket after i receive my coin is about $30. This is much easier for people to pay.

The Break Even Factor

One of the most important aspects to mlm is how quickly one can break even or make the actual monthly business cost go away completely. With AGR if the auto-ship monthly is $180 minimum that means that you would have to have 102 people in your matrix all purchasing a $1600 coin per month to break even monthly! WOW. That’s all I have to say about that. Again as an example with Isn Coins with a monthly cost of $90 or so what does it take to break even there. Simple Isn Coins pay out a $35 up front commission on every new enrollment beyond your first two and an $11 per month residual income per month thereafter. So if you simply enrolled 9 members personally, you are in a free business receiving a free ms69 American Silver Eagle coin. Lets say you only enrolled 3 into ISN COINS. You would earn $75 in up front commissions along with a $33 per month residual income. Remember that the monthly is around $90 per month. So if I enrolled 3 for a total of $75 in up front cash and $33 per month I’m basically in a free business as well. I’m paying $90 but I’m receiving a coin that retail for $60 back and I’m earning a $33 residual income. There is no comparison here. with just 3 enrolled Im already in the green after receiving my coin back in the mail each month. This is a powerful and easy way to break even and promote retention. People don’t quit businesses that don’t cost anything. You can View my Isn Coins replicated site at

I hope this was a helpful review for you. In the precious metals industry the numbers always tell the story. A matrix might sound nice….Spillover…Wow…but when you look at what it would actually take to earn any real income at AGR you realize its just not happening. If you found anything in this American Gold Reserve Review helpful and you would like to contact me I’m available anytime. I’m a professional in this niche and can answer an questions you may have. Sincerely Adam Dimora.

Adam Dimora


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Numis Network vs Isn Coins

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The keywords Isn Coins vs Numis network were bound to be typed into the search engines, and so for anyone wanting information on the differance between the two this is my attempt to answer that question. Its hard to talk about silver, gold, and MLM without mentioning Numis Network. Numis is by far the most recognized Numismatic Coin Mlm in our industry, and for good reason. Numis has millionaire owners, a huge name from the numismatic industry in Mike Mezack, a beautiful website, thousands of Reps on autoship and some great marketers like Ray Higdon, and Cedrick Harris. Numis sells all sorts of numismatic coins, from the flagship silver eagles, to gold St. Gaudens. So with all of these positives we would expect many to participate, especially being the first credible company in years which put the Collectable Coin MLM’s back on the map. For all of these reasons my hat is of to Numis Network. I honestly feel that nobody could have been harmed by being a member. Practicing the “Hobby of Kings” is definetely a concept within MLM that Numis revived, and for that I’m grateful.

Now with that said, at the core of Numis Network is an opportunity to earn income, in addition to Practicing Coin Collecting. I don’t believe that people would join Numis simply to collect coins “in the general sense”, but the fundamentals is always “INCOME”.

In order to not be winded I’d like to get right into it. Comparing Numis Network and the new Isn Coins or International Silver Network “Commissions Structures”.

For the sake of time follow the link to see the Numis Network compensation plan from thier site. Review it and come back again to finish review. I believe this will help make the “picture” clearer if you will.

There are many income streams with Numis here they are.

1.Retail Commissions

2.Fast Track Collector Bonuses

3.Bynary Cycle Bonuses

4.Enroller matching bonuses

5.Coded Matching Bonuses

6.Leadership Bonus Pools “Must Qualify”

7.Car Program “Must Qualify”

8.Vacations “Must Qualify”

What I want to do is focus on the aspects of the comp plan that most average people may actually earn. Spending time here on the Vacations, Car Bonuses, and Bonus pools is not my goal here because these are what I call “Carrots”, not just within Numis but many MLM companies. But for the most part the “Carrots” are not realized, so I want to focus on what the average person can achieve here.

1. Fast Track Collector Bonus

Here you will earn a $100 bonus every time you sell a Fast Track Collector’s Kit, either to a customer or personally enrolled Executive Representatives.

Here you can expect to earn a $100 commissions for ever Fast Track Collector Kit you sell. Now the Fast Track Collector Kit costs $325. Here is what you receive.

Fast Track Collector’s Kit
Your Fast Track Collector’s Kit includes:

Graded Coin Attaché Case: (a $70 value)

MS70 Silver American Eagle: (Graded by Anacs)

‘Coins Are Cool’ video training series: This is simply education on Numismatics

Membership in the Silver Coin Of The Month Club: Simply put this is a monthly auto-ship of an Ms70 Coin graded by Anacs. This you can cancel at any time.

Preferred Customer Pricing: Supposed Discount Pricing.

Free Coin Grading Certificate: This allows you to send in 5 Coins to be graded by Anacs.

Now Many people will look at this and like it. But many will Not. That”s not my concern. What i want to talk about is what matters inside the kit.

In “my opinion” there are only 2 things that come with this kit of “significant” value.

1. The Coins Case 2. The Ms70 Coin you receive. Now with that said,its nice to have education on coins, and a supposed savings with preferred customer pricing but these “Extras” really don”t do anything to earn you an income, “In my opinion”. So if you sell this Fast Track Collector’skit you will earn $100 per pop.

Retail Commissions: This is simple. Earn the difference from your cost as a rep and the retail price you sell the coins for. I like this but the majority will not earn any life altering income from this income stream.

Bynary Cycle Bonuses: Now with this part of the plan I want to express my experiance, and what i’ve seen and heard about what I call the “Balancing Act”. With this Income stream you have to at least enroll 2 Collector Reps to even be eligible for bynary cycle bonuses. This is don’t care for. As a Collector1 there are no commissions paid to me in any cycle bonuses period until i enroll 2, in addition for the Cycle Bonus you earn a $30 cycle bonus for each 300 BV in “Pay Leg” (lesser volume leg). An easy way to calculate the binary compensation is to multiply ‘Pay Leg’ volume by 10%. Side Note you must qualify for this (Qualifications Absolutely A Must). From this point on I’d like to voice the frustration of many reps I”ve spoken to. Network Marketing is not an easy task, so when you are working within a compensation plan with “pay legs”, compensation balancing, and “qualifications” before you even begin, this to me is not condusive to growth, but in the contrary become “HURDLES” for 97% of Numis Network Members.

I don’t want to earn on a “lesser leg”, a ”pay leg” or any other ”leg”, if I build an organization I want to be compensated on every single sale in my company, based on my efforts. When I lose the ability to earn income no matter what,no matter where the business is coming from, to me this is “NOT GOOD” and massive “BREAKAGE“ is the result.

Enroller Matching Bonuses

Now this is where you can earn a matching bonuses when others in your team recieve their bynary cycle bonuses, and this is a great thing “If” people can actually “Qualify” for their own Bynary cycle bonuses. I believe that this is self explanitory. Many will never see even one Bynary cycle bonus, and if your members aren’t qualifying for their own Bynary cycle bonuses, you can’t earn the matches on them. “PERIOD”. This is another part of the plan I don’t care for. Instead of earning on every sale in your team, there are “qualifying hurdles” just to receive a cycle bonus. My opinion is that if a company is getting paid so should you no matter what leg it was in or who was qualifying. Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for “qualifying” for things like Bonus Pools, Cars, and vacations, but not for the basic parts of the comp plan that actually make the difference in the reps pocketbook.

Numis Bonus Pool

Here the the “Qualifications” for the Bonus Pool


Personally enroll and Keep 15 active Executive Representatives.
Personally enroll and Keep ten (10) qualified 3Stars.
Develop and maintain a minimum of 300 active representatives in your ‘Pay Leg’.
Monthly personal QV: 180 QV.
Must be qualified at the 5Star pay rank on the last day of the calendar month to earn a share of the 5Star Leadership Pool in the following month.
(Example: A 5Star qualifies on January 31st to share in the 5Star Pool for February sales.)
Required to provide cross-line support to representatives throughout company.

I Don’t know about you, but there is a ton of “qualifying” going on throughout this compensation plan. And in my opinion for the majority out there, most of these are never going to be realized. In close I wish Numis had implemented a more balanced compensation plan, rather than making reps balance the comp plan in order to earn income. Numis has a great company,with great products,but in my assesment a very difficult compensation structure for any average individual to earn income. I say this respectfully but at the same time reluctantly.

How is ISN COINS compensation Different?

There are 5 ways to earn here at Isn Coins. Here they are.

Uni-level Commissions (“8 Levels”)

Residual Coded Sponsor Bonus ($12 residual on personal enrollments)

Retail Commissions (Sales from Online Store)

Fast Start Bonus ($40)

Isn Bonus Pool “There are 5 Bonus Pool”

Here is the major difference. Note: “CR” stands for “Collector Rep”

The only “qualifying” you will ever have to do is for the Bonus Pools. Here are the qualifications

1.Enroll and maintain 4 “Collector Reps”——–”NOT 15″

2. For the Isn Bonus Pools 1-5 its simply the amount of Collector Reps in entire organization. Here is the break down.

Bonus pool 1 “Must have 4 personal collector reps” from here on its the amount of ”Collector Reps” in your team.

Bonus Pool 2 “Must have 20 ”CR’s” throughout entire team.

Bonus Pool 3 “Must have 100 ”CR’s” throughout entire team.

Bonus pool 4 “Must have 400 “CR’s” throughout entire team.

Bonus pool 5 “Must have 1500 “CR’s” throughout entire team.

That’s It. Maintain 4 Collector reps and from there its just the number of “CR’s” within your organization. Simple, Easy to understand.

This link will send you to Troy Dooleys review of Numis Network for a fair overview and his “Personal Opinion”. It is always necessary to provide different view points and Troy is one of the best in MLM and highly respected.

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Isn Coins Benefits and the (P to P/S:R)

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Isn Coins offers one of the most unique, powerful and overall balanced  home business I’ve seen yet. There are many different aspects to choosing your specific business or program. This video gives very compelling evidence for why I’ve chosen to partner with Isn Coins, and how the “Benefits” of my ISN membership far outweighs the Monthly Cost.

This is FACTS not FICTION. Just in your face “Plain as Jaine” benefits, that you should consider in any company. Good luck on the search for you next business and I hope this help you in your decision making process. God Bless.

Isn Coins Benefits and the (P to P/S:R) Video 1

Isn Coins Benefits and the (P to P/S:R) Video 2

Isn Coins Marketing Training 101 Continued….

This is the second video on the basics of online marketing. If you implement these tips you will begin down a road to success in online marketing.

Isn Coins “Coin collectors Choice”

All Americans should own silver and gold, and practice the "Hobby of Kings"!! ISN the Coin Collectors Network Protected by Copyscape Duplicate Content FinderProtected by Copyscape Duplicate Content FinderProtected by Copyscape Duplicate Content Finder