Silver Snowball Review


Silver Snowball Affiliate program review

Silver Snowball or also Silversnowball is the #1 online “affiliate marketing” program in my opinion. I may be bias considering Ive been a member since 2008, and am one of Ed Freedman’s top affiliates. Receiving Silver Eagles every month is wonderful, “BUT” there is massive attrition in this program.

Now with that said, that doesn’t make the Silver Snowball a bad program at all, and I can only say that because it is an “affiliate” program. What this means is that everyone that becomes a member of the SS knows that they are pretty much on their own when they join. The reason for this is that there is no real incentive to help the new affiliate, because of two reasons. 1. Every new affiliate becomes your competition, and 2. Because I’m only earning around 1/2 the cost of 1 Silver Eagle Coin per month from that affiliate.

If you are an awesome online marketing buff, this program you may want to add to your portfolio and give it a run. But for the majority of those out there looking for a real income earning opportunity the Silver Snowball is not it. The program is just to much of a leaky bucket. But honestly i still really like the program. Enroll 2 affiliates and your in the green, and everything else from there is free silver.

However i do wish to compare Isn Coins Vs Silver Snowball “only because there are so many that call me up wanting to understand the difference.

Simple: There is “Network Marketing” and there is “Affiliate Marketing”

Network Marketing is a concept where you sell products through a sales distribution created by synergy and team effort. In Network Marketing you earn from the efforts of your organization, and have leveraged income because of that. Isn Coins is an exact picture of that. One the other hand Silver Snowball simply says here is your website, not its up to you and you alone to sell the product. No team, No organization,no leveraged income, other than the leverage built into the program sales commissions.

Isn Coins is in my opinion the most well balanced silver and gold mlm today. Here is why.

Price-point: Cheap $149
Huge Residuals: $12 per month on all personal Collector Reps
Uni-level commissions: $4 Residual Uni-level on every person in your uni-level
Major Bonus Pools: Enroll just 4 and your in the first pool!
Retail Sales commissions: Earn 25% of the Pv on every product and 10% down 8 levels
Product is silver and gold assets: No Brain-er
Your auto-ship is an Ms69 Silver Eagle “Silver Asset”
1/4 the cost of our competition
No hard to understand comp plan, balancing of legs, pay legs, or huge qualifiers
Education: Insider Silver E-Newsletter
Get paid Weekly
Earn $52 every time you enroll someone
Take your commissions in Silver

And Much more.

If you are needing information on any silver opportunity there really aren’t many out there more qualified to answer your questions than I. I would love to speak with you about what may be a right fit for you, regardless if its Isn Coins, Silver Snowball or something else. Click the Banner below to join the Silver Snowball with me.

Adam Dimora


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