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Silver MLM Programs are very exciting because they offer a refreshing product that most people have never considered before. Something that is non-consumable, is a real asset class, has great potential to increase in value over time, and preserve wealth to build a family hobby, or even a legacy depending on how passionate you get about collecting true assets: Gold and Silver Coins.

Cosmetics, Juice, Anti-Aging Supplements, Marketing Tools, Technology, and the list goes on and on. There is no shortage of choices for me to make when shopping for the best home-based business to run with, however I believe their are very good reasons that choosing precious metals as an auto-ship towers over any consumable for many reasons.

First and foremost is the problem with “FIAT” or “PAPER” money. The world is literally in a wash of it, and the more the governments print, the less the paper will buy. It’s no coincidence that the prices of all goods and services have skyrocketed such as gold, silver, crude oil, food, energy, and the list goes on. At the end of the day Americans, and citizens around the world would do well to get educated on the “real economy”, “fiscal policy”, and “sound money”: Gold and Silver. So how have people protected themselves and their families wealth from “Inflation” in the past? Simple: buy getting out of paper and into things that are “REAL”, such as Real-Estate, Gold, Silver, Commodoties, Quality Investment Products that deliver “guaranteed” dividends. Most don’t realize that the “Dollar” is a “Product” like anything else, and is daily traded on the Forex in the billions every single day. But the Dollar is one of the most risky products of them all. For more information on this subject please visit the “National Inflation Association” and watch the videos at

Second, there is a major difference between auto-shipping a “consumable” product Vs. a “Non-Consumable” asset, that actually retains value, and has the potential to skyrocket in value over time. A simple illustration to help paint a picture. If I gave you the option of taking all of my silver coins or all of my bottles of juice, which would you choose? The answer is obvious. So why if the answer is so obvious would it be any different when choosing a home business. Would you prefer to sell juice for example, or non-consumable assets? And it begs the question, which product will your customers be better off purchasing? I truly believe that the answer to that question is obvious as well.

Third, the supply and demand deviation that has reared its ugly head on the silver industry is non other than staggering. Silver prices are way to low, and will soon revalue to a more reasonable price for the demand. Silver should be priced at around $120 per ounce right now minimum if you consider the historical gold to silver ratio of 15:1. So it’s very exciting to know that the product I’m selling my customers as well as auto-shipping to myself is a product that I can take anywhere in the world, and is instantly recognized as money. What a product for the MLM industry!

Fourth, within this precious metals “niche” in MLM, there are only a few companies competing for reps and customers Vs. Thousands of companies selling juices, pills, and so on. So right off the bad when you join an mlm within health and wellness you have just dramatically increased your competition for reps and for new customers. This is many times an overlooked aspect to the health and wellness industry, but should definitely not be. I can literally count on one hand the amount of “precious metals” mlm, which means that my competition is almost non-existent compared to and other vertical you choose in the MLM industry.

In retrospect working within the precious metals mlm niche has been the most rewarding for me because I’ve been able to educate many friends on how to increase their bank accounts rather than “SPENDING” their money on things that truly will never have the ability to increase thier net worth. We have been duped! Thinking we can just spend, spend,spend, our way out of our problems has led to this current economic disaster we are witnessing manifest before our very eyes on a global scale.It’s time for Americans to be transformed by theĀ  reprogramming of our minds fiscally. If we haven’t bought an asset this month, we must not buy a consumable. WOW! what a revolutionary thought! America would be utterly transformed if we all lives with such a practice.

Silver in My view is far more desirable than gold and has outperformed gold since 2001, by leaps and bounds. So if your looking into a precious metals mlm, a company with a focus on silver coins is in my view the best road to take. Currently there is only one “affiliate” program I could recommend”, and mabey 2 Network Marketing Companies that I Believe have the right stuff to help you earn a life-changing amount of income. But for the Sake of time I will disclose my favorite of them all. My top pick is Isn Coins or International Silver Network.

We should all be looking for very competitive pricing on all products, a reasonable “Price-point” to beging the business, and a very powerful compensation plan for those that are serious about actually running this thing like a business and not a get rich quick scheme.

Consider Silver was $10 per ounce just 3 years ago and now is $40 per ounce.
Consider that the dollar in 1930 could buy 1 ounce of gold for $30, and now it takes $1450 to purchase that same ounce of gold. What is really loosing value is the paper you work so hard to earn. So the best remedy is simple. When you earn paper, but assets with it, that at the beer minimum with protect you from the loss of purchasing power due to inflation, and at the best case scenario will dramatically increase your net worth.

It is because of these reasons and many more that I believe their isn’t a better choice in mlm that an auto-ship of Silver Coins. What a product!

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