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This I hope will help anyone looking into “POW” as a Silver Network Marketing Company or Silver MLM opportunity the tools you will need to see if the POW platform is what you are looking for depending on your personal needs, and taste. First I’d like to give you some personal credentials on myself, that I believe qualifies me to write this review.

Personal Credentials Include

1. Consistently within the top 5 in sales within the “Silver Snowball” online affiliate program. You can speak with Ed Freedman the owner and operator of the program anytime to confirm this statement. www.silversnowballinvestment.com is my personal site for this program.

2. Founding member and #1 Lead Distributor within  “Isn Coins or International Silver Network”.  August of 2011 I was awarded a Caribbean Cruise for my sales efforts as their top leader. Again you can confirm this by contacting  Matt Barkes who is one of the three owners of Isn Coins. Contact information is on their site at www.isncoins.com

3. Currently I am a Top Preservation of Wealth distributor with over 50,000 Bv within my genealogy, with hundreds of members in my organization. I am personal friends with the Owner Justin Davis, and have personally spent time with Bill Constain the CEO of the Program. In addition I am responsible for many suggestions that I believe has led to the betterment of the Preservation of Wealth membership as I have had many opportunities to give my Ideas to Justin and Bill when “They have contacted me” for “my thoughts“. You can confirm these comments by contacting Bill Constain if you can get in contact with him.

I have a very unique approach to the Preservation of Wealth membership, and teach my members how to take a leveraged position here to maximize their memberships potential.


Bill Constain Of POW Endorces Adam Dimora as top Leader


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