Preservation of Wealth Lead Times and How it works.


Preservation of Wealth Ordering, Lead times, and processing

Preservation of Wealth Turn Times and Ordering Process

Preservation of Wealth Turn Times and Ordering Process

This is a question that I wanted to address because there are many that want to know who POW works. What the “Turn-Time” is on getting your bullion and how the service is. So I am going to answer the question for you in detail.

In the precious metals industry no matter who you do business with there is going to be a “Turn Time”. Another-Wards from the day you make your purchase and deposit the cash until the day you physically receive the bullion. My own experience for example with who is a well respected company that does millions is sales per month. I’ve ordered with them multiple times. And each purchase had a different “Turn-Time”. The first time I ordered with them the turn-time was 10 days. The second was about 4 weeks. Turn-times are impossible to avoid unless you are going to physically walk into a dealers shop and walk out with the bullion on the spot. But you wont get any where near the discounted price doing this.

The Turn-Time is determined by “What” you order as well as “When” you order it. With Preservation of Wealth if you want to order Silver Eagles and they are in stock you will receive the Product within 7-10 days Max. If you want eagles and they are not in stock you could receive your bullion in 2-3 weeks. This is how it is with the “ENTIRE” industry “Everywhere”. POW is no different.

I had an individual that wanted to by “Rounds” and wanted to know what type POW offers and how quickly it ships. This is a perfect example. This person wanted rounds “BUT” didn’t want just generic rounds he wanted uncirculated “Buffalo” rounds. In this situation he could have had rounds shipped quickly if he would have been willing to have generic rounds shipped..generic rounds are basically any type of rounds as long as its silver..the condition of generic ranges from perfect to sometimes not so perfect.. most people that just want silver could care less. For him he wanted Buffalo rounds and that is the main round that POW sells if you want uncirculated rounds. Because of this he will have a longer “Turn-Time” since he specifically ordered something that was not in stock. This could take up to 2-4 weeks generally.

Same applies with Silver Eagles

If you are picky about your silver and want Eagles. And you want to guarantee that your roll of eagles will all be one date. You must “request” that they all be one date. Otherwise you may receive a roll of uncirculated coins with multiple dates….for me i could care less. But sometimes its nice to have a full roll of 2011 or 2010 or 2009 just in case you have a picky guy interested. In this situation you would order your Eagles and if they are in stock they will ship quickly. However if you “request” 2011 Eagles only and they aren’t in stock there will be a longer “turn-time”…this is how the entire industry works…

Locking-In the Price

When you want to place an order of bullion you will need to call Preservation of Wealth and “Lock-In” a price. For example if you want to purchase 1 roll of 20 American Silver Eagles you would call POW…An operator will pick up and you will say Hi my name is “John” I would like to “Lock-In” a roll Of Silver Eagles and I would like to “Request” that they be 2011’s. She will then say ok and give you the amount for the Roll of coins + the Shipping which is generally $16.95 for Certified and Insured Priority by USPS. You will then need to have that amount deposited into one of two POW bank accounts before the end of that business day otherwise you loose that “Locked-In” price.

If POW has you desired coins in stock it will come fairly quickly. If you request something that need to be ordered or is back-ordered there will be a “Turn-Time”..again this is the precious metals industry across the board.

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