Numis Network Sells out to World Ventures Travel But there is Hope for Coin Lovers


Did the Numis Network Merger with World Ventures Leaves reps feeling “Sold Out”?

Three Weeks ago when I got world from a Top Network Marketer that Numis Network was Merging with World ventures I was absolutely stunned at the notion. My problem was the source I received the information from was credible and I knew this was real. I have been a #1 Distributor in Precious Metals MLM now for years and even helped build an entire Company in the sector. So naturally understanding the dynamics of the Silver/Gold MLM niche there was something right away that I new was not right.

The Economic Realities and Fundamentals
With 50 million Americans on food stamps, jobs very hard to come by and an economy that is still being propped up by funny money, for the Middle class there is no real fundamental changes from the 2008 crisis. Everyone in Numis was taught the basic principles regarding why Numis chose silver and gold and why it made sense to by it. I was on one of the webinars they recently held speaking about the Merger between Numis Network and World Ventures and what I heard was disheartening to say the least. I am a precious metals guy. I understand the industry, I know why I buy precious metals and understand the difference between the bullion and numismatic categories when it comes to coins. There is no better product to be buying than silver and gold in MLM: Period. However the Numis team when on in that webinar to downgrade silver and gold because.

1. Its the 22-25 year old that are driving Network marketing today
2. Silver and Gold just don’t have the “Mass Appeal” that travel does.

You know after being in this business since 2009 and “NEVER LEAVING IT”.. there is nothing that could get me to deny the truth that Silver and Gold are the best product in MLM today. Yes there is some educating that needs to be done, but that is my pleasure and part of the fun. It’s not true that MLM is being driven by 22-25 year old’s and that statement is a downgrade for the industry to believe so. We have the large majority in the early 30’s to 60’s that actually get MLM and what it takes to build a real business. Not the online guru BS but the way MLM really is done in the real world on the ground running real people connecting and building something for the long term. Back to the subject.

People Need Money not Vacations
I speak with people everyday who want to join a home business to “MAKE MONEY”. Yes you can make money in travel. But i think its safe to say that people didn’t join Numis Network to travel but because they are short on income. So speaking about dream trips to the remote places of the world is plain stupidity. They know that’s not what they need and so does everyone else. How about we talk vacations when we actually have money to take one! This is what the sentiment of most American’s are saying today! Let’s find a way to get cash and tangible assets into families homes and talk vacation later.

Silver and Gold is Money
If you are required to make purchases of products in a Network Marketing Business today it just makes sense to buy tangible wealth preserving Assets! This has been the Numis Network Mantra from day one. Nothing more or less, it was silver and gold that made them special, that made them unique and people loved it.

Silver and Gold’s recent Dip
It’s also is note worthy that this happened right after a substantial correction in the spot price of silver and gold. This seems interesting. For me when the prices drop it’s a gift and a buying opportunity. Would you rather buy high or low? IF people will get educated on the economic realities that face this country and the world in the future they would be running to put some of their money into tangible assets at these prices. Fools buy high and the smart buy when fear is in the air, it’s just that simple. I’m not sure if the correction scared them but I thought that was a worthy side note.

Numis Network Reps Contacting Me
It wasn’t more than a few day after the announcement of the merger that Numis reps began to contact me wanting to know about ISN Coins obviously fron looking for something similar to numis in the silver and gold space. ISN is literally the only alternative to Numis Network, most didn’t even know ISN Coins existed. The truth is that the Top producers have always know ISN Coins was right there ready to be discovered by the masses. You see ISN Coins has never been willing to build by offering big up front cash to bigger networks. We believe in the grass roots Ron Paul type growth and that a good withing will spread quickly once discovered. The Numis reps calling me all say the same thing, that they feel the owners “Sold them out”. I can’t help but feel for you if you were a Numis rep are a “Silver Bug”. For me I know it has taken the wind out of many of the Numis reps sales.

Im Sorry
What I do want to say is that I’m sorry that this happened to you Numis reps that are sold out on silver and gold as I am. There is nothing anyone can say that makes sense of it all. From Silver and Gold to travel is like apples and oranges. What I do want to encourage you to do is keep stacking regardless of what Numis did and keep your heads up.

For all those looking for a New Home in Silver and Gold MLM allow me to introduce to you:

The International Silver Network or ISN Coins.

ISN Coins Silver and Gold Home Business

ISN Coins Silver and Gold Home Business

Just as a quick history lesson..we founded the company in November of 2010 during thanksgiving and since then have become the top silver and gold mlm in the world operating currently in many countries including USA, Canada, the UK, Holland, and more..within the last 90 days we have had almost 30 reps hit our Mercedes Benz bonus and have just announced our new Corp Headquarters move to Sarasota, Florida on of the coins meccas of the U.S.

ISN Coins Corp Headquarters in Sarasota, Florida

The ISN Coins Benz Bonus

Adam Dimora #1 Dealer at ISN Coins Benz Bonus Earner

Adam Dimora #1 Dealer at ISN Coins Benz Bonus Earner

The Numismatic Guarantee Corporation which is the most respected third party grading service in the world is located in Sarasota, Fl which is why we have decided to move within 15 minutes of that great company for the fastest turn times in the coins industry. This is important for you to know and understand. ISN is a COINS COMPANY first and foremost. We are completely sold out on the industry and aren’t going anywhere. There is a difference between a direct sales company choose coins as a product, and a coins company with a direct sales division. ISN is the latter, Numis was for former.

ISN has a powerful system for you to tap into. Uni level Payout, The Best Coins and certifications in the Industry, access to bullion at great prices, Benz Bonuses, Revenue Pools, Leadership Pools, Weekly and Monthly payouts, a very inexpensive buy in and much more. If you are disillusioned with the reality that Numis just went travel and are the guy like many i speak with that only want to deal with silver and gold, then you should give me a call. Our company is ready an willing to serve you today!

So the Good News!

So the good new is that Numis Network reps are not left without an option and a better one at that with an even greater opportunity to enjoy the silver and gold mlm industry at its finest. For more information take the tour here and fill out the survey so I know exactly what you are looking for, good luck and God Bless!

Click the Coin and take the tour

Click the Coin and take the tour


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