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Network marketing in the Silver and Gold industry is a rewarding and lucrative situation from every aspect. For me I love to spend time with prospects sharing with them about the importance of the trends facing the silver and gold niche and why the products make so much sense within the home business concept. Coins MLM? Most say what in the world is that? Did you know that if you had bought just one MS70 American Silver Eagle since the Liberty Coin Act of 1985 under the Reagan administration  that you would own a coin set worth $53,000 today! Here is another eye popper. If you had purchased just one MS70 Silver Eagle per month since 1986 you would have a set worth over $620,000.

Pills, Cosmetics, Juice, Coffee, Cell Phones, Travel or whatever. These are the normative “Auto-ships” within the network marketing home business, direct sales industry. I take pills, my dates all wear cosmetics, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t have a cup of coffee and I love to travel. Here is the unique difference in all of those products Vs the Silver and Gold Auto Ship. One takes wealth and the other preserves it: PERIOD! Lets illustrate. IF you had been buying ten pounds of coffee every month since 1986 what would the value of that coffee be today? The answer is simple: $0 … why? ┬áBecause it was consumed. Same with the cell phone bill, the cosmetics, pills and so on. This is NOT a bash on any company or any product as I love mlm for its diversity and the powerful products within. Here is the idea with most companies. They ask a question: Do you drink coffee, or do you use a cell phone and so on. So if you are going to use the product anyhow why not simply shift your provider and make money buying something you “already buy“.

The PROBLEM isn’t in concept, but in the fact that there is no shift in MINDSET. Even if you did save money on the switch from one product or service to another what would you do with the SAVINGS? 99 out of 100 would spend it. So in reality you didn’t change a thing but the product or service. At ISN Coins we simply save automatically in Pure Silver Coins every month. Ill still buy my coffee, take that trip and use my cell but at the end of the day i’m going to pay myself in an asset first and I’ll never miss the money because it was done “Automatically”.

There is a great book called “The Automatic Millionaire” and inside is a concept called the latte factor..look it up. In a nutshell “Save automatically” in things that can preserve wealth and have the potential to increase in value over time. “Never leave your savings to your own discipline” “MAKE IT AUTOMATIC”.. ISN Coins is a silver and gold home business that makes the purchase of silver assets “Automatic” every month as your business overhead. I truly believe that moving forward ISN will be swept up by the flood of Trends and rapidly turn into a large name in the industry. QE3, deficits, unemployment, recession, inflation, the home business boom along with major demand growing for silver and gold as people wake up they will begin to ask the question like when a light goes off in the head…”I wonder if there is a silver and gold network marketing business” and i’m telling you from the most truthful place “IT’s already beginning to happen”..As I have many people call me and say, “I’ve been in the nutrition industry for years but i’m looking for something tangible” this statement i’ve literally heard over and over in recent months the word “Tangible” and when I hear this word I know exactly what they mean. Look into the trends surrounding the silver and gold industry, study the history of silver and visit Youtube with keywords such as silver manipulation, silver prices, silver trends, and you will quickly see how deep, wide and real the business is. ISN Coins is an integrity filled opportunity that is literally risk free. 100% failure here comes in the form of valuable sets of government struck and certified MS70 coins…Remember the values at the beginning of the post? It just doesn’t get any better than that! Get involved and start stacking!

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What do you Save in?

What do you Save in?



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