Mike Dillard Buys Silver today. Isn Coins is a no brainer folks.


I’m Buying Silver Today…

Hey Adam, I hope you had a great Holiday if you’re celebrating this time of year :) We had a wonderful Christmas with the family here in Austin, but now it’s time to get back to business :)
I’ll have a bigger update for you tomorrow, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m making a significant silver purchase today through
There’s no reason why I chose today over any other day. I’m not looking at technical data, and it’s not based on a timely piece of news. I just buy more every chance I get.
I already have a portion of physical silver here in the US held by a professional vault service, so buying from GoldMoney is part of my diversification plan that I’ll be talking about extensivily in January.
This allocation will be stored in GoldMoney’s Swiss vault, though I use Hong Kong as well.
See you tomorrow!

– Mike Dillard

Now if Mike Dillar who has millions to lose is buying silver and recommends it, i think many should take a close look.

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