Xag Network Vs. Isn Coins Compensation Overview


Xag Network Vs. ISN COins Compensation Plan Breakdown

I have had Many wonderful people call me asking me the difference between Xag Network and what Isn Coins offers.  Without getting into a winded bit of web copy, I’d like to do a very simple and quick breakdown or review on my opinion. Right out of the gate I’d like to say that i was a member Of Xag Network and had more people in that company than most ever will in the first 2 months of its launch, so I have paid for the program, was in the program, and had more success than 97% of the people that join ever will.

Xag Network Overview

Xag Network currently Costs just under $60. Yet you are only receiving a 1 ounce “Bullion Coin”, it’s not a “Certified”, or “Numismatic Coin”, but a standard bullion coin. Now Granted $60 for any business including a coin is a very affordable program. So Xag Network May be the way to go for certain people. For me when looking into a “real business” I’m not looking for what is the “Cheapest” per month, but what is “Reasonable” in price, but gives me the best vehicle to make the most amount of “life-changing” income from my efforts.

When looking at XAG Network Vs. Isn Coins the difference in cost is as follows.

Xag: $60 to join and $60 per month.

Isn Coins: $150 one time buy in, and $100 per month.

So the difference in the monthly cost of the two programs is Approx $45

With that in mind, there are “MAJOR” differences in the two programs that you must understand.

Compensation Vs Cost

While Isn Coins cost $90 more to join and is $45 per month more, when you look at the two programs you will notice right off the bat that Isn Coins is a  highly quality program, and can be considered a REAL BUSINESS. With everything needed to run a real business available for you to grow. From Beautiful Replicted Websites, Replicated Lead Capture Marketing Funnels, Business Cards, Postcards, Shirts, Hats, Banners with stands for Hotel and Home Meetings, Teleconferences, Webinars, Vehicle Decals for Marketing, and top notch Numismatic Collectible Coin Products only graded and Certified by the Best Numismatists in the world.

Xag Network Gives you a Replicated Website, some banner ads, the coin you receive every month is a “Bullion Coin” and that’s about it.

I’m Doing this Xag Network Review not to down talk the program, but simply to explain why if I had to choose between ISN or XAG why I’d choose ISN every time.

The Cost difference per month is approx. $45. Remind you if your in business these costs are tax deductible and should not be looked at as some huge cost for serious business builders. The biggest kicker here is the amount of money that you can actually earn from the same amount of people. Please look at the numbers.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Here lets look at what you would earn with the same exact number of reps in the XAG Network Compensation plan VS.  Isn Coins Compensation Plan. Please allow me to begin. These examples are in an “exact duplication” scenario. This is the best way to test the comp plan.

In this Example we will postulate that you personally enrolled 10 reps that turn into 100.


Here is the 5×8 Matrix Numbers

Level # of Members $ / Member $ / Level Total $
1 5 $4.50 $22.50 $22.50
2 25 $1.75 $43.75 $66.25
3 125 $1.25 $156.25 $222.50
4 625 $0.75 $468.75 $691.25
5 3125 $0.50 $1562.50 $2253.75
6 15625 $0.25 $3906.25 $6160.00
7 78125 $0.20 $15625.00 $21785.00
8 390625 $0.15 $58593.75 $80378.75

For my first 10 reps enrolled in Xag I would earn:

5 reps x $4.50=$22.50 this would fill the first level in the matrix. In addition the other 5 reps would land on your second level where you will earn. 5 reps x $1.75= $8.75

So in a nutshell you will earn $22.50+$8.75=$31.25 to enroll 10 Xag Network Reps into the program. Yes you will earn $31.25 to enroll 10 Reps. Considering most people will only enroll 3 or 4 at the most, well I’ll leave that up to you to hash that out in your mind.

Now in this example you enroll 10 and that 10 adds an additional 90 for a total of 100 reps in the Xag Matrix. So lets add the 90 into the matrix and see what we end up with.

The next 20 reps would fill the next 20 positions in level 2 of the matrix 20 x $1.75=$35.00

The next 70 reps would fall on  level 3 of the matrix 70 x $1.25=$87.50

So the total maximum payout is as follows.

First 10 Personally enrolled would pay you $31.25

The next 90 Reps would pay you a total of $122.50

This is a total income of $31.25+$122.50=$153.75

So The XAG Network pays out a total of $153.75 with 100 Reps in the company. $153.75 WOW!

My question to you. Is this the “life-changing” income you are looking for?


10 Reps x $52 which includes the $40 enroller bonus and the $12 Residual Coded Bonus for a total of $52 per rep.

So 10 reps x $52= $520.00  Vs Xag Network at $31.25

Next Add the additional 90 reps. 90 reps x $4= $360.00 per month VS  Xag Network at $122.50

In addition ISN pays you a $12 Per month “Residual Coded Bonus” per month on your personal Reps. So 10 reps x $12 per month will pay you a $120 per month Residual income. So check this side-note out. Just from your $12 residual coded bonus you earn with ISN you are earning $120 per month in residual income just from your 10 personally enrolled reps. It takes 90 reps to reach that amount in the Xag Matrix. So I’m actually earning the same with 10 reps, as the Xag rep with 90 reps. WOW! Big Difference.


With Xag Network you will earn a total of $153.75 with 10 personal reps that turns into 100. This includes up front and residual income.

With Isn Coins you will earn $520 in up front cash to enroll the ten reps.

In addition you will earn a $120 Per month Residual income on your 10 Personal Reps

In addition you will earn a $4 per month residual income on the addition 90 or $360 per month.

For a total of $520 in up front income and a $480 per month residual income! Vs XAG at $153.75 in Monthly residual income.

So the total you would earn is $520 + a $480 residual income. And this doesn’t even add in the Isn Bonus pool income that you would earn from with 100 reps in the company. With ISN you would qualify for 3 of the 5 bonus pools with 100 reps.

The Numbers don’t Lie. An ISN Rep will literally earn 4 Times the income of a Xag network rep, with a $45 difference in monthly cost, and Isn Reps are receiving a far more valuable Silver asset every month in the Ms69 Silver Eagle Vs. a standard Bullion coin.

If you are serious about earning Life-Changing income in this Silver MLM Category ISN COINS is the clear choice.

If you would like more information on Xag Network or any Silver MLM please feel free to call or contact me at 707-330-1325 or at

Sincerely Adam.

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