Isn Coins Review seen through the eyes of  ISN Coins Master Distributor Adam Di Mora

ISN Master Distributor Adam Dimora

ISN #1 Dealer
Before I start here on the company I’d first like to put you in front of the script that I produced for the company business overview. This script will paint a wonderful picture for you as to who we are and what we are all about.

Do you have any income saved right now? What if you lost your job tomorrow? Would you be able to provide for your family for one month, three months how about six months? Wouldn’t you feel a whole lot better if you had a good reserve built up? With all of our technological advancements the world is still on the brink of financial disaster. How did we get here and are there any answers? We believe there is and it begins with a quick lesson on Money. Let us quickly consider the history of our money.

Article 1 of the US Constitution

Article 1 of the US Constitution

The origins of our money come from Article 1 of the American Constitution. Section 8 states “The Congress shall have the power to coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and fix the standards of weights and measures.” It was congress that was given authority to “COIN” money and to “REGULATE THE VALUE” by setting the standard of “WEIGHTS AND MEASURES” in other words how much precious metals were in the coins. Many of the constitutional authors were also the members of the first congress, together with George Washington they laid out America’s monetary laws. In 1792 they passed “The Coinage Act”.

Us Gold Eagle

Us Gold Eagle

An act establishing a mint and regulating the coins of the United States. This law created and defined America’s money. It calls for a coin called the “Dollar” to each contain about 3/4 of an ounce of silver. Likewise, Half Dollars, Quarter dollars, Dimes and Half Dimes “all made of Silver”. The Act also calls for a coin called “The Eagle” each worth Ten Dollars containing about half an ounce of gold. In addition, Half Eagles and Quarter Eagles “all made of gold”. Therefore the Legal definition of a Dollar is:

Dollar-“Money- A silver coin of the United States of the value of one hundred cents or tenth part Eagle.” And Eagle – “Money. A gold coin of the United States of the value of ten dollars.”

This is called “Lawful Money” and for over 100 years of American history this was our money. In 1794 the US mint started producing coins and they looked like this.

First United States Mint in 1794

First United States Mint in 1794

The United States Constitution Article 1 Section 8 also reads: “No state shall…; coin money; emit bills of credit; make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts.” To emit bills of credit means to Issue PAPER promissory notes as money.

US Paper Note

US Paper Note

This anchored the entire US economy to gold and silver coinage and limited the banking systems ability to loan out money it doesn’t have. Because the Constitution clearly called for a monetary system based on gold and silver coinage managed by the US congress; we enjoyed the stability of the strongest monetary system in the world without volatility for over 100 years.

Now, fast forward 120 years and…

In 1914 the “US Federal Reserve system” was born …the new American central bank. They begin printing “Federal Reserve Notes” a new kind of government sanctioned bank note, these notes could be exchanged for gold or “Lawful money” thus the origin of the saying: “The dollar is as good as gold”, but the decision by President Franklyn D. Roosevelt in 1932 to demonetize gold coins and certificates as well as silver dollars led to the printing of bank notes that were not redeemable for lawful money. Then President Nixon in 1971 announced that the United States would no longer redeem US currency for Gold.

Falling Dollar

Falling Dollar

With this gold and silver restriction lifted the United States began to rapidly expand the money supply and the dollar fell into a slide of devaluation of which it has never recovered….With no restriction of redeemable coinage the number of dollars in circulation has skyrocketed while the actual value of the dollar has plummeted. Prices for everything keep going up because the dollar is worth less and less which brings us to where we stand today.

The American economy is buckling under oppressive taxes, financing, massive debts for foreign wars, social services, corporate bailouts, artificially created bubbles and consumer credit. With almost 50 million Americans on foods stamps and facing Great Depression unemployment levels, what can Americans do to take individual responsibility for their own families well being. We believe that it starts with getting back to the basics of real money. Why continue to save all of our money in paper that can be devalued at any moment when you can convert it into real money, silver and gold lawful money? What if you could purchase silver and gold coins at a good price and get paid to help other families save these assets as well? Would you want to be a part of that? Probably! What if you could earn these coins for free, would you want to share this information? Would you feel obligated? ISN coins can help you prepare for an uncertain future with your own precious metals reserve and we can even show you how to do it for free. You’ve already taken the first step. If you continue with this tour we will put together a plan of action for you to help you earn coins for free!

ISN Coins is a debt free company and our Corporate Office is located in Indianapolis, Indiana founded by three successful Entrepreneurs with over 60 years of combined direct sales experience, 45 years of traditional business management experience with an additional 13 years in the precious metals Future/Options trading industry.



Our goal is to get silver and gold coins into the hands of the people as quickly and affordably as possible while offering our members the ability to earn a substantial income at the same time. ISN has created a referral based business that not only allows its members to purchase silver and gold coins at wholesale prices, but profit leveraging the power of our network by which members can earn them free.

America has been living with a consumer debt based mentality for a long time. We purchase whatever consumable products we want, even when we can’t afford them and more importantly don’t need them, because of this mindset, many today have so little or nothing to show for literally years of hard work. There are thousands of direct sales companies competing for your money, selling a wide variety of consumable products. Juice, Pills, Cosmetics, Tech products, Personal services and so on.

Say no to consumables!Lotions and Potions

In General, most people are purchasing “here today gone tomorrow” consumables that have short lived shelf lives with no ability to increase in value or preserve wealth. What if there was a better way? There is!

ISN Coins is pioneering a new concept in the direct sales industry specializing in the distribution of graded collectible precious metals.

ISN believes its time for everyone to learn how to spend wisely on things that have the potential to make a difference in their financial future. Would you prefer a pantry or garage filled with consumable products or silver and gold coins?

ISN’s flagship product is the Mint State 70 American Silver Eagle coin.
The American Silver Eagle is considered one of the most beautiful coins ever issued by the United States. It is also the world’s only silver coin whose weight, content, and purity are guaranteed by the U.S. government. It has a face value of one dollar and contains one troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver. The obverse of the Silver Eagle depicts the Walking Liberty design created by Adolph A. Weinman. This is one of the most cherished and well-known designs ever to grace a coin minted by the United States. However, the reverse is just as impressive. It features an American eagle, the very symbol of our nation’s freedom, the reverse echoes patriotism and national pride. That’s ISN Coins flagship product! Real lawful graded money, money that has stood the test of time as a preservation of wealth.

We deal in graded and collectible coins for valuable reasons that we’ll share with you in a moment, but first it’s important to understand the basics of the grading process. Every silver and gold coin you receive from ISN is real government minted money in the form of silver and gold coinage. These coins are struck at the US and world government mints then sent directly to NGC or PCGS the two most respected third-party grading companies in the world.  Both use a consensus method of grading, where multiple graders independently evaluate each coin using the Sheldon numerical scale which is the industry standard universally accepted within the numismatic community, Developed in the 1950’s by Dr. William H. Sheldon,

Mr. Sheldon

Mr. Sheldon

the “Sheldon Scale” is a numeric system ranging from 1-70 with 70 being a perfect coin and 1 appearing as little more than what someone can tell used to be a coin. This method produces extremely consistent grading and is the reason NGC and PCGS graded coins retain the highest premiums. Typically ISN deals with coins graded  MS69 & Ms70. In today’s modern coin industry technology has made striking coins much more efficient and easier to create stunning coins. Because of this the Ms69 and MS70 certifications are the only grades desired period. At ISN we only deal in the most widely known coins and grading services in the world!

Only after three or more graders have examined each coin does it reach the final grade. This process eliminates all coins that are not genuine or counterfeit, have altered dates or mintmarks. Each silver and gold coin you receive from ISN contains multiple values built into them, precious metal value, certified value, grading value, and a grade guarantee.  With numerous reports of counterfeit coins today flooding the market; coins that have been certified as authentic, provide security and piece of mind knowing that the coins you receive from ISN are 100% genuine.

After each coin has been graded they are taken from the Grading Department into the Encapsulation Department. Here, labels with written text, identification numbers and traceable barcodes are printed out bearing a coin’s date, mintmark, denomination,
variety, grade and any special designation. This is extremely important, as it serves to make each certified coin label unique and is a powerful deterrent to counterfeiting.

Before being placed into the core and holder, all of the pieces including the coin itself are blown free of dust and other contaminants by a jet of compressed air.  Once this is accomplished, each certified coin is placed in its core which holds it securely, its label is affixed and they are placed in a matching top and bottom shell of transparent plastic then enclosed by using a combination of compression and ultrasonic vibration. The core, like other components of the holder, is made of inert material that won’t adversely affect the coin it holds. Every holder features a high-security hologram and is sonically welded to assure a secure and tamper-evident seal. The result is a newly-encapsulated certified coin, ready to be shipped to its proud owner.

The value of a graded coin is based on its grade. Just as a car in showroom condition is much more valuable than the same car that’s beat up with high mileage; the same is true with coins, the higher the coins grade the more valuable the coin. As an example, here’s a beautiful coin called a Chinese Silver Panda minted in 2002, as of this recording, this coin, in its ungraded or raw form was valued at about $140.00.  Now, here’s the same coin graded Mint State 69 that is currently valued at $340.00 and the MS70 even more. As you can see, the collectible value of graded coins can certainly add tremendous value. 

Because silver and gold preserves purchasing power through time it has been money for thousands of years. An ounce of silver today, will buy the same amount of goods that an ounce of silver could buy 100 years ago. Try that with a paper dollar! To display the power of gold and silver to preserve wealth we’d like to illustrate from history this concept at work. In 1964 a quarter would buy roughly one gallon of gas. This is because the quarters made in 1964 and earlier where made of 90% silver. At the current price of silver, today that same 1964 quarter is worth $7.12. So you can see how that same 1964 quarter will still buy you that same gallon of gas today and more. The only thing that changes is the value of the currencies that are not tied to gold and silver. This is exactly what our founding fathers tried to prevent in the constitution.

You’ve learned the history behind silver and gold coins as money and its wealth preserving qualities, along with the in-depth grading process within the collectible coins industry that authenticates them, now its time to share with you how to take part in our unique opportunity.

There are two ways to get involved with ISN, you can become a Preferred Collector and receive a beautiful graded silver coin automatically shipped to you each month or for very little money you can start a home business with ISN.

So what’s in it for you as a business partner with ISN?
As an ISN coin shop owner you will immediately be put in front of a $120 billion dollar industry, before, two major trends take place.

The first trend is within the home business industry itself. With millions unemployed more people now than ever need and are looking for ways to earn more income to increase the quality of life for their families, which means there is not a better time in history to be in the direct sales industry.

The second Major Trend is the boom in the precious metals industry. With the world swimming in immense deficits coupled with the value of our currency dropping at unprecedented rates, there is now a massive demand worldwide on precious metals.

Silver Coin Sales are catapulting to new records each year. In 2007 9 million American Silver Eagles where sold. In 2008 15 million sold, 2009 30 million sold. Can you see the trend that is building with Silver Eagles? As recently as July 2011, the U.S. Treasury re-opened the San Francisco mint to resume the production of American Silver Eagles in order to keep up with rising demand.

What am I required to purchase? Good question. ISN is a very simple business. When you enroll as a Coin Shop Owner you’ll instantly have your own ecommerce ready online coin shop and with the purchase of one wealth preserving graded silver coin per month, ISN’s Flagship product: The MS69 American Silver Eagle, you will be Business Pro qualified to earn maximum commissions from ISN’s lucrative compensation plan and considering silver is lawful money the purchase of a Silver Eagle is more a conversion of money than a cost.

When you share your coin shop with others you’ll earn commissions on every coin purchased. ISN Coins ships every coin directly to your customers via Insured mail… it’s that simple. When you introduce others to this same information and they decide to take advantage of this unique business opportunity, you position yourself to earn a substantial life changing income.

In addition, ISN business pros enjoy the wonderful benefit of having access to ISN Coins Wholesale pricing on any coin we inventory. It just can’t get any better than this!  But wait! Isn also has a Buy-Back Program which allows its members to sell back their ISN purchased coins for $2 over the current spot price of the precious metal at any time. This is very unique. Imagine a company willing to buy back its own products even if they increase 100% in value.

So what’s in it for you? ISN Coins has the highest compensation payout in comparison to cost involvement anywhere in the entire direct sales industry, coupled with the fact that what you’re purchasing every month is Real Graded Lawful Money, you stand to benefit financially by becoming a part of our fast growing network!

With that, you have just been introduced to the most powerful paradigm shift in the direct sales industry. Spending money on Real Lawful money! Wealth accumulation and preservation, substantial income potential including up front commissions, residual income and passive income, be sure to watch our fully detailed compensation plan overview video. You’ll also enjoy access to wholesale prices on Isn coins full line of beautiful graded silver and gold coins, a one of a kind “Buy-Back program, tax-savings, 30 day money back guarantee…and more

We’ve talked briefly about being prepared financially, how saving silver and gold is important and why authentic graded coins through ISN sets us apart from other financial opportunities! IF you’re tired of the same old, same old…ISN has a simple business package ready for you to increase your income while saving assets at the same time. The choice is before you, so what will you do? ISN Coins sells the most relevant product in history! What are you waiting for? Get back with the ISN Coin Shop owner that sent you on this tour and Join the precious metals movement with us today?



International Silver Network or Isn is a new silver mlm company with a very affordable and unique program. The first thing that I personally notice was that the program has a similar twist like Numis Network, but is a lot more affordable. There could not be a better time for an affordable program like this, especially when less then 4% of the entire US is buying precious metals.

I have personally been a top affiliate marketer in the Affiliate Program Silver Snowball, I joined Xag Network during pre-launch and build a large team very quickly there, but when it came time to get paid, well lets just say I wasn’t satisfied with my compensation. International Silver Network is a unique, affordable for everyone and delivers a great compensation for all of my efforts. Here is my ISN coins Review.

First I’d like to speak about the owners. I was running an email marketing campaign when i was personally contacted by Matt Barkes one of three great guys that have come up with the ISN COINS concept. He had seen my success with Silver Snowball and extended me a personal invitation to become one of twelve leaders chosen to build, promote and help train for the company. Matt has never once not answered the phone since I came aboard and has always been there to answer any questions i have. This is what I’m talking about: Real People! Here is a short bio of the owners of International Silver Network.

ISN COINS:  “Putting The Class Back In Middleclass”

Randy Lange: Co-Founder
·         Over 30 years of Networking Marketing experience
·         20 years in Business Management
·         6 years self-employed in the Insurance Industry
Vincent Roy: Co-Founder
·         18 years of Network Marketing experience
·         22 years Upper Management in restaurant business
·         3 years Co-Owner Fuddruckers RestaurantMatt Barkes: Co-Founder/Managing Member
·         15 years of Network Marketing experience
·         13 years Precious Metals Future/Options trader
·         3 years self-employed as Owner/President silver marketing company All three founders are unified with a two-fold purpose; to put financial hope back into people’s lives and to preserve the wealth of individuals with the saving of silver. All three founders are Christ centered individuals and operate the business accordingly. ISN has been set up on an extremely tight margin to maximize the commissions all while keeping the cost as low as possible. ISN is one of the most affordable programs with one of the highest payouts available in comparison to the cost. Please review the opportunity at


The Product
Isn Coins Flagship Product


International Silver Network has a wonderful flagship product: Ms69 American Silver Eagles graded “ONLY” by the two most accepted grading companies in the US, NGS and PCGS. Unlike Numis network which is selling Ms70 coins graded by ANACS which is a good company, but not nearly as desirable on the open markets.

International Silver Networks focus is to provide it’s customers with uncirculated coins that have silver content value as well as collector value, all while paying a lower cost closer to that of bullion. For ISN the perfect product is the Ms69 Silver Eagle Coin. These coins are among the most desired coins on the planet. They are uncirculated, untouched, preserved and nearly perfect according to NGC and PCGS, again two of the most prestigious grading companies in the world. According to ISN and many other highly respected leaders and investors, there has never been a better time than now when silver is so highly sought after to start your own business with this tangible and non-consumable product. American Silver Eagles sales are busting record sales each year.

In 2007: 9 million Silver Eagles where sold.

In 2008: 20 Million Silver Eagles where sold.

In 2009: 30 million Silver Eagles where sold.

It is estimated that global coin sales has reached an estimated 120 Billion Dollars. The Ms69 Eagle is guaranteed by the Us government to be .9993 pure silver. The two reasons that ISN coins has chosen the Ms69 Silver Eagle, rather than than bullion silver. First the graded silver has the potential to gain value in two ways, by its silver content and by its collectible value, Where as bullion only has the potential to gain in silver value. Second collectible coins are deemed non reportable by the US government, which means if there was ever a recall on silver you would be forced to turn in all of your silver bullion coins, but would be able to keep all of your collectible coins. The reason why Isn uses Ms69 coins rather that Ms70 coins is simple. On a grading scale of 1-70; 70 being perfect why pay over $100, thats three times the cost of an Ms69 when it is only one point difference in grade. There is great potential with an Ms69 at a much lower price. The truth is that most people are more interested in the silver content value, then the collector value, so that’s why you need a protected collectible coin at a cost closer to bullion. International Silver Network is in front of the coming trend of the masses, and the Ms69 coin is the perfect product for that trend.


Adam Dimora is one of 4 ”Founders” within ISN COINS. If you have any questions he can get them answered for you right away.

Please feel free to call me anytime for more information or to join this great company.

Hope the review was helpful.  Take the silver coin tour now. Click the Pic.

Adam Dimora: 707-330-1325 or



 Compliance Please Read

The 4 universal rules to be compliant:

1.) We cannot promote ISN as an investment.

2.) We cannot make any investment claims in regards to silver/gold, but we can make it clear that by putting time and effort into ISN is an investment into your business. (There are no laws currently about investing time/effort into your business) This is based on security laws. Any projections on how much you pay versus how much you may get back in return is an investment claim. The best way to work through this is to present the idea that a person can do their own homework on the matter to make their own decision based on their own findings. You can promote our auto-ship product (MS69 silver Eagle) as a product that is actually an asset and one with intrinsic value.

3.) We cannot make any income claims or projections, just the facts of the pay plan.

4.) We do not pay bonuses or commissions for signing people up. We pay for products that are sold (example; MS69 silver Eagle, Back-office software, personalized website, etc.) These are all products that have PV (Product Volume points) associated with them.

Isn Coins Compensation Plan Illustrated. Click the Pic to Enlarge.

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Isn Coins “Coin collectors Choice”

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