Isn Coins Education: The Truth about the Dollar and the Economy.


Welcome to the ISN coins presentation. Thank you for taking time out of your day to consider this unique and relevant company. We believe you will not regret doing so. We are going to be talking about the global economic crisis, how it is affecting us all, and more importantly how you can prosper and protect yourself using the silver purchase plan from ISN coins.

You will also learn how working from home you can earn a part-time or full-time income, during this economic crisis. Yes, even a very high income is possible as soon as you start. There is almost no risk involved, there is no selling overpriced products, only silver and gold assets.

We kindly ask you to watch the ISN coins presentation with an open heart and an open mind. You will be able to investigate all the information that we will be going over by doing a simple Google search on any chosen keyword. You will find that when you do your investigating that what we are sharing with you today is in fact the truth. We believe that you will logically come to the same conclusion that we have.

Starting with the Housing and Real Estate Bubble.

Most of you know that the beginning of the economic crisis began with the crash of the real estate sector when the housing bubble burst in the US real estate market. This housing bubble was created by the banking system when they lent out billions of dollars to people without credit, without jobs, and at record low interest rates, which lead to a massive domino effect that spiraled out of control. To much real estate at artificially inflated prices. This resulted in a massive banking crises as Americans could no longer afford the payments on their homes, and the banks began to loose billions of dollars in forclosures and bankruptys. This domino effect spiraled then into the automotive sector where we witnessed massive bailouts begin to take place in order to save US corporations and thousands of US jobs.

Presently we are witnessing sovergn debt defaults with entire countries no longer able to pay their debts. Credit card debt, student loans, as well as jobless claims are at all time highs and will all contribute to the next bubble that will burst. The dollar bubble. “Show Picture of Dollar Bubble”

The entire baking system along with major US companies are becoming increasingly weaker with 325 banks being completely taken over by the Fed since 2007 with more banks being added every month.The consequences of this are none other than staggering, and has led to massive job losses which now threaten the entire global economic system.

Currently governments are creating currency out of thin air to keep the economies of the world propped up by injecting billions of dollars in stimulus packages to keep us from going into a depression. Unfortunately this is postponing the inevitable. These bailouts are all paid for by you the taxpayer and it comes with major consequences. The Devaluaing of the Us Dollar.

Currently the US national debt has reached over $14 trillion dollars which doesn’t include Medi-Cal, Medicaid, Social Security entitlements, all of the toxic assets the US government purchased from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, as well as credit default swaps, derivatives, and as unemployment hits record highs it looks as though this recovery is not real.

The Truth is, even if the US government taxed its citizens 100% of their income, it would not be enough to pay down the US national debt.

The US crisis has turned into a global currently crisis as governments around the world try to keep their members afloat by infusing billions in bailouts and stimulus packages.

Take Ireland for example. In 2007 Ireland was a booming country, and in less than three years has gone completely bankrupt. Now Germany is setting debt records and is even considering pulling out of Euro zone. The German debt is now increasing by 1.7 million Euros per hour that’s €41 million Euros per day.

How long do you believe this trend can continue? The truth is entire governments are beginning to go bankrupt and Greece is most likely next to fall victim to this with a debt to GDP of near 167.2%

This information is the facts and by no means is intended to create fear or panic. Many experts are 100% sure that the big crash is on its way.

The more currency these governments throw at the crisis the less their currency is worth it at the same time they are increasing their national debts. You can see with logic and reason that this is not sustainable.

Allow me to share two quotes from former US Presidents Jefferson and Wilson this subject.

Thomas Jefferson
“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.Already they have raised up a monied aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power (of money) should be taken away from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs.” — Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President.

And again listen to Woodrow wilson as he describes his feeling on the Fed and how it would destroy the country if we let it.

“A great industrial nation is controlled by it’s system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the world–no longer a government of free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men.” — President Woodrow Wilson

This brings us to a question. If you were given the chance would you protect yourself? And how would you protect yourself? It is simpler than you may believe. But you have to change your mindset. Forget about paper dollars and begin to think in terms of real money, which according to our founding fathers and our founding documents is only gold and silver coinage. I want you to truly shift your thinking to a real truth: That silver and gold is real money. Silver and gold have been used as a store of wealth for thousands of years. At the time of Christ it was 30 pieces of silver that purchased his location.

Silver has survived the test of time, has never been worthless, and is always retained its value the same as gold. You can take it with you anywhere in the world, and it is instantly recognized as money and will convert into any currency.

Today the experts recommend a minimum of 5 to 20% of your dollars be converted into real silver and gold money. Silver and gold has not only retained its value but has trippled in value over the last 10 years. And most experts predict that it will at least double again over the next 10 years.

The paper money experiment is a very new concept, truth be told according to our founding fathers only silver and gold or coinage was to be rendered real money. Originally the US dollar was defined as a fixed amount of silver by weight. In 1900 this was changed to a fixed amount of gold of the same value.

In 1913 the Federal Reserve was established by a group of banking families. You can read about the history of how the Federal Reserve was born by a simple Google search on the keywords Federal Reserve and Jekyll Island.

Originally all currency printed by the Federal Reserve had to be backed by gold by the U.S. Treasury.

In 1934 it was established that the dollar only needed to be backed by 30% gold, so the US government could print 70% Fiat currency backed by nothing.

In 1971 the US government changed its policy again and told the world that they would no longer exchange gold for US dollars. At this point our government would be printing dollars back by absolutely nothing. To illustrate: this is like writing a check, then refusing to allow the check to be cashed for money. Fiat currency in America is now backed by nothing, and is basically Monopoly money. Where the original currency was redeemable in “Gold” new federal reserve bank notes simply state “In God We Trust”.

Currently all major currencies are in the same situation. In order to keep thier countries from going into a depression, the governments are printing their currencies at alarming rates.

This is the true definition of monetary inflation and will only end in price inflation, or to put it plainly, paper money will lose purchasing power against anything real like gold, silver, oil, and food products etc. etc.

Throughout history no paper currency has ever held long-term value, they have all lost purchasing power to the point of complete worthlessness. Here is an example:

German Marks example graph.

In the early 1900s in Germany from 1919 to 1923 Germany experienced hyperinflation in 1919 170 German Marks could purchase 1 ounce of gold. Then Germany began printing their marks at alarming rates and by 1923 it was trillions of German Marks to buy the same 1 ounce of gold.

“Without a gold standard, governments can print as much money as they want, destroying wealth through inflation.”

A German woman in 1924 feeding a stove with currency notes, which burn longer than the amount of firewood they can buy.

The inflation problem has now struck our American currency. This truth is alarming, and many don’t believe it’s happening because America has enjoyed such a standard of living over the last 70 years, but what is unbelievable for you now we believe will soon become a reality and your main concern.

We encourage you to do your own investigation. Simply do a Google search on the “collapse of the dollar”, “Silver manipulation”, or “American economic collapse”. Many Americans are now waking up to the very real truth that the dollars that they are earning are literally becoming worthless.

How does Silver protect you from inflation? Remember silver is real money you can’t simply print out of thin air. So as the dollar continues to be inflated the only thing that can happen to silver is for price increase. With Demand on silver at alltime highs and supply the lowest in history we dont foresee that happening.

In 2001 (1) ounce of silver cost around five dollars per ounce.

In 2006 the price of silver increased to $15 per ounce.

And presently silver is over $30 per ounce.

Notice silver prices rising with the rate of inflation, or the same time we see massive amounts of paper money being printed. It is no coincidence that the prices of gold, silver, and all commodities are rising at the same time the dollar is inflating or devaluing. In other words the dollar is losing purchasing power against anything of intrinsic value or anything real.

Here show the graphs of silver prices rising and a graph of inflation “the hockey puck”

You used to be able to buy a loaf of bread for $.25. That same quarter the one that had real silver and back before 1965 will still buy a loaf of bread today because it’s worth $5.59, even gasoline is the same price when valued in silver. Nothing has really gone up it’s just that the paper money has gone down. Way down because there is so much money being printed.

Now that you’ve had a crash course on the economy, the dollar, and inflation. And have allowed us to prove to you that inflation itself is the problem, and have also identified what can protect you from it, we would now like to invite you to a unique and dynamic home business solution called ISN Coins or the International silver Network.

Here at ISN Coins our product is real money in the form of silver and gold bullion as well as numismatic collectable coins. Isn Coins pays you to market our line of silver and gold products and at the same time provides a huge residual income by leveraging the ISN Coins referral commission system.

Not only does ISN have the most relevant products in the world, but we also have one of the simplest commission structures to understand in our industry.

When you become an ISN business owner you are immedietely put in front of a $120 billion dollar industry just before a major trend is about to take place.

Silver Coin Sales are catapulting to new record sales each year.
In 2007 9 million Silver Eagles where sold.
In 2008 15 million Silver Eagles where sold.
In 2009 30 million Silver Eagles where sold.
Can you see the trend that is building with Silver Eagles?

With ISN you will be able to sell American Silver Eagles, Candaian Maple leafs, American Gold Eagles, and privately minted rounds at very competitive prices and earn retail sales commissions on every coin sold. In addition Isn Coins allows you to sell Numismatic collectable coins, such as our flagship product and company auto-ship:The Ms69 American Silver Eagle collectable coin graded by Pcgs or NGC. In addition leverage the Isn Coins Unilevel where you will earn a 10% override commission on any coin sold in your entire organization down the 8 level Unilevel.

In this economy most aren’t willing to spend $500 or even $300 on a home business, and we understand why. ISN has made this amazing system affordable for everyone. At a one-time business kit pruchase of only $149 and a very easy to manage members auto- ship of under $100 per month. The Isn Coins Monthly cost is broken down into two parts.The first $50 pays for the autoship of our flagship product the MS 69 American Silver Eagle graded by NGC or PCGS. The two top numismatic grading companies in the United States. These coins have two unique values to them.The first value is it’s Silver Content value and the second value is it’s collectablve value. These coins are very close to the Silver content value currently at around $35 per oz after premiums. So for the first $50 you will be receiving a beautiful silver asset every month. The other $50 pays for your ISN Coins online silver and gold business. The Isn Coins Business comes with the following benefits and features.

*Replicated website
*Back office
*Company posted webinars
*Company hosted teleconferences
*Thirty-day sponsor placement. Place your personal and rolled wraps wherever you choose to promote growth in your organization
*Commissions paid weekly rather than monthly
*Option to leave commissions in back office to cover monthly expense
*Monthly de-newsletter subscription “Silver insider”
*$12 Reza Jewel coded bonuses
*$4 uni-level commissions paid down eight levels
*Isn Coins 5 Global Bonus Pools
*Retail sales commissions. Earn 25% PV on all personal sales and 10% PV down eight levels of ISN dealers.

Compensation Plan/Free Business

Isn Coins pays weekly commissions and can literally replace or supplement you existing job.

1.Fast Start Leadership Bonus

You will earn $40 every single time you enroll a new Collector Rep into Isn Coins. Example: Enroll 3 Collector reps this month and earn a quick $120 Dollars. This is perfect to offset the $50 Business cost in Isn Coins with just a sale or two per month. Simple and Easy to explain.

2.Residual Coded Sponsor Bonus

The coded sponsor bonus will pay you a $12 monthly residual income on every one of your personally enrolled Collector Reps on autoship. Example: Enroll 10 Isn Collector Reps $12 x 10 Reps =$120 in residual income. Simple and Easy to Explain.

3.The uni-level commission

The uni-level is very simple to understand. You will earn a $4 residual income on every autoship in your entire organization 8 levels deep. This is a very lucrative amount of money. Example: 100 reps on autoship will earn you a $400 per month residual income. Simple and easy to explain.

4.Retail Sales Commissions

Isn Coins Retail Commissions is paid out on any Coins Sold from your “Online Coins Store” Isn Coins takes the orders proccesses and ships the purshased coins directly to your customers. You will earn an income based on the Volume Points associated with each product.

Example: AllIsn Coins items on the shop site have volume points associated with them. Whenever someone you personally sponsor or one of your customers purchase something from your shop site you earn 25% of the volume points. Whenever something is purchased by someone within your 8 levels or one of their customers you earn 10% of the volume points. (Example: If a coin has 10 volume points/or Dollar you would earn either 25% = $2.50 or 10% = $1).

5.Isn Global Pools Bonuses

Here you will earn a percentage of every sale made each month from the entire global organization. This allows you to earn from the sale of every single coin in the whole company and is essentially like having the whole company in your organization. In this pool you share 5%-25% of all worldwide commissionsable volume with those who qualify for each of the 5 levels of bonus pools. The higher your rank in Isn the more bonus pools you will qualify for. This is a great passive income, and is also residual. You can start earning in the first pool by simply enrolling and maintaining 4 “CR’s”.

Example: 1000 Collector Reps in the Company. This would put $2000 in the first bonus pool. In this example lets envision that 10 reps qualified for that pool. Every qualifying rep would earn a $200 Commissions from just that 1 bonus pool.

If you were qualified for all 5 Bonus pools with the same 1000 Isn Reps with 10 qualifying Reps you would have earned a $1000 Commission just from the bonus pools alone. Simple and Easy to explain.


It is ISN’s vision to provide a unique and relevant business that can help you earn a substantial income if you apply yourself to Educating people and sharing the ISN message. I have a question to ask you. Would you rather have a pantry filled with juice, antiaging products, cosmetics or mabey green cleaning products? Or would you prefer gold and silver coins. The choice is clear. ISN products are the clear choice in today’s economic crisis.

It was not only ISN Coins vision to make a honest to goodness company for you to earn commissions, but it was also our goal to make our program very affordable for everyone, and easy to break even. This not only keeps your hard earned money in your pocket, but will keep you selling our products year after year. There are two ways that you can literally make your involvement with Isn Coins absolutely free.

The First way to be in a free business with Isn Coins on a monthly basis is by simply enrolling one Isn Coins dealer or “Collector Rep” per month. The Isn Coins Business cost is $50 per month. Everytime you enroll a new “Collector Rep” Isn Coins pays you a $52 up front commission from products sold, which offsets the monthly cost of your Isn Coins membership. After that its all 100% profit and your in the green. Simple and Easy!

The second way to be in a free business with Isn Coins on a monthly residual basis is by simply enrolling 4 collector reps, and maintaing 4. In this senario you would earn $208 in up front commissions and a residual income of $48 per month. Isn Coins Pays a $12 Residual income on every single Collector Rep you personally enroll. So 4 “Collector Reps” x $12=$48. At this point as long as you maintain 4 “CR’s your Isn Coins Business is basically free.

As you can see International Silver Network is a Unique and Special Company.

We are dedicated to Monitary Education, Saving in Real Money, and the protection of our purchasing power by buying and selling silver and Gold Assets. Protecting your familys wealth should be your #1 priority other than your spiritual beliefs. Isn Coins is not only helping peolple just like you everyday earn life changing income, but at the same time is helping people all over the world go into the future armed with the tools they need to propser through these uncertain economic waters.

On behalf of Isn Coins and its members we are truly thankful for your time, and look foward to your possible membership with The Internationl Silver Network.

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