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The new 2013 1 ounce silver Britannia proof coin is a very nice suprise for me. I wasn’t expecting it and I love it when that happens. My first buy of the Britannia was the 2012 in the Proof certified Pf70 and i feel that the 2012 rivals the silver eagle in many ways. But the new 2012 Britannia is a much simpler coin and the very reason I love it so much.

The mintage of this coin is a small 2500 in total and at this time there is only 17 graded in a Perfect Pf70 By NGC. The up close and personal view of this coin is wonderful. The devices a like a frost while the field of the coin is a pure proof mirror finish. It is a world of difference for the 2012 britannia proof and you can tell that the mint wanted to take the britannia in a whole new direction which i love.

Here is the Pop Report from NGC

With the very low 2500 in mintage and the very low pop of only 17 coins graded a PF70 I think this coin over time will be a very nice prize to have in the collection. I happened to pick up one of the 17 coins slabbed in an exclusive label and created a video for your enjoyment to see the coin in all its glory as well as do a quick market analysis of the coin so enjoy.

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Isn Coins Marketing Training 101 Continued….

This is the second video on the basics of online marketing. If you implement these tips you will begin down a road to success in online marketing.


Isn Coins Marketing Fundamentals

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Isn Coins is a real business and must be marketed and treated as such. This video i speaking to anyone in network marketing, but especially those within Isn Coins. There are great “Free” marketing tips within this training video. Having the Proper mindset you need, and actually spending “Quality” time on your business is the road that leads to success. We arent in a sprint within the mlm industry, and every successful Marketer in our industry has ran the “Marathon” for their company all the way to success. Take advantage of this Basic fundamental training “Mastermind” and begin to use these strategies, and watch not only your business grow, but you skillset, mindset, and overall posture within the industry.

Isn Coins Free Marketing Training. Mindset/ Email Marketing/ Video Marketing/ and more….

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Isn Coins “Coin collectors Choice”

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