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ISN Coins now pays you to sell bullion.

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ISN Coins is the only network marketing silver and gold business that is paying professional reps to promote silver bullion. If you are reading this post there is only one reason for it.

1. You have been awakened to the realities of our current fiscal and monetary mess.

2. You have been educating yourself on silver and golds ability to help you in your quest for a better financial life.

3. Hopefully you have been exposed to the very real possibility that the greatest wealth transfer in history is on the horizon.

4. You are interested in getting involved with this educational movement because your passionate about the message and helping others.

5. You are looking for a “VEHICLE” that will pay you to “GET INTO THE GAME”.


 Breaking NEWS Flash. ISN Coins has announced the arrival of a new Bullion roll out coming the first month of 2014. Up to this point there has not been a REAL coins company offering the ability to earn income from the sales of bullion coins. Fundamentally ISN Modern Coins is a MODERN NUMISMATIC COINS company located in the heart of the coins mecca in Sarasota, Florida. ISN has always offered bullion at great prices to it’s “IN NETWORK” members with no minimum requirements but didnt offer reps the ability to make income selling the bullion. That all changes in less than 30 days from now.

Hello my name is Adam Di Mora and I am the top recruiter here within the ISN Coins opportunity. Over the last 3 years since the launch of ISN Coins in November of 2010 I have dedicated thousands of hours to the development of not only ISN but the Silver/gold MLM industry in general. I highly suggest that you take serious what we have developed here because there has never been a company created like ISN Coins. I know because I helped design and create it with my own two hands from the ground up.

U.S. Mint Cases 500 Ounces of Silver Eagles per case

U.S. Mint Cases 500 Ounces of Silver Eagles per case


There are only a few companies that have tried to take on this task of offering regular people a real business within the precious metals sector. I assure you it is a very difficult thing to get done. From balancing the compensation plan, overlooking margins, choosing proper coins, development of the right relationships within the precious metals world, keeping the price of the business low and the potentiality for those who are serious very high. All of these converge onto you when trying to create a precious metals mlm and it takes work. But what you don’t know can hurt you.

Numismatic Coins VS Bullion Coins

This is one of the biggest questions I get literally on a daily basis. Whats the difference between a numismatic coin and a bullion coin? Most people call me with the statement, “I’m only interested in bullion and not so much into numismatics”. Fine with me. Lucky we still live in a free country. I will normally ask them this question. “Have you even made your first purchase of precious metals yet?”, 9 times out of ten they will say NO.  There are benefits to both sides of this coin and if your looking into home business within the precious metals sector there are a few things you need to know.


1. IF you are looking network marketing business within the precious metals sector you must understand that the margins required to create such a vehicle can NOT be realized with BULLION as the main focus. The margins just don’t exist. Here is why.

If the SPOT price of silver today is $20 even the largest firms can’t get it for less than $2-$2.50 over spot and these companies are purchasing millions of dollars worth. But you can’t sell for more than $7 over spot and be taken very seriously. So as you can imagine even if a company pushed Silver Eagles up to $7 over spot and they are buying at $2.50 over that leaves less than $5 per coin to get the company paid not including getting the network paid to generate sales. You can’t survive on a $3-$4 spread it’s impossible for the mlm world. Period! Trust me I know what I’m talking about.

The Core of a network marketing silver/gold business must come from the sale of Numismatic products because there is a larger margin that is legitimate and necessary. But BULLION is VERY IMPORTANT. People that are coming into this business have only just begun to learn about silver and gold. They have no idea about NGC or PCGS “third party grading services”, or about the Sheldon scale, the difference between Bullion, Proof, Reverse Proof, Strikes, Dies, Mints, Sets, Grades, Mintages, Populations and the list goes on. So let me hone this in a bit.


If you are looking for a business in silver and gold. There is no other Island to land on. Beginning in 2014 I will have all of the bullets needed in my gun to go into the marketplace and make income selling both bullion and numismatics to customers while earning residual income teaching others how to do the same, generate real wealth, save in real money and tangible assets while I prepare for what I believe is going to be the largest wealth transfer in history. And folks I’m loving every minute of it. This business is anything but boring, and I NEVER, I repeat NEVER have to be embarrassed to share my company, my products and the education that I know so many desperately need to know.

ISN Coins offers you a powerful opportunity to make money, get off your duff and make it happen for yourself. Everyone you know should own precious metals they just don’t know it. Would you be the one to introduce this concept to them?

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Isn Coins Benefits and the (P to P/S:R)

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Isn Coins offers one of the most unique, powerful and overall balanced  home business I’ve seen yet. There are many different aspects to choosing your specific business or program. This video gives very compelling evidence for why I’ve chosen to partner with Isn Coins, and how the “Benefits” of my ISN membership far outweighs the Monthly Cost.

This is FACTS not FICTION. Just in your face “Plain as Jaine” benefits, that you should consider in any company. Good luck on the search for you next business and I hope this help you in your decision making process. God Bless.

Isn Coins Benefits and the (P to P/S:R) Video 1

Isn Coins Benefits and the (P to P/S:R) Video 2

Isn Coins “Coin collectors Choice”

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