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Just a quick note to let you know about a great opportunity that's just in.
The very limited, 2012 5oz Silver Proof "Year of the Dragon" coins are now
available, NGC certified PR70 and PR69 First Release. The entire mintage is
only 5000 for the world.

Some of the best Lunar Dragon coins have been coming from the Perth Mint
in Australia. Their Dragon coins are absolutely incredible and every issue thus
far have sold out. This final Dragon release is truly following the old saying
saving the best for last!

It's a worlds first for the Perth Mint, the first ever 5 oz Silver Dragon Proof!
The coin measures 2 1/2" and it is 5 oz of .999 pure silver. The detail on the
highly frosted Dragon is gorgeous against the shimmering mirror background.
I can't say enough how impressive this coins looks. The denomination is $8 which
makes this a lucky coin because the number 8 is considered lucky in Asian cultures
and is said to bring prosperity and wealth.

In the aftermarket, other Lunar 5oz Silver pieces have brought significant money.
For example, an ungraded 1995 5oz Silver Year of the Pig proof sold at auction last
year for $5,175.00! Can you believe that? Certainly the Dragon has a lot bigger
following than the Pig does for a Lunar animal. Now, that's a great example, and coins
can gain or lose value, there's no way to predict the future.

Having said that, with all the factors involved here,
I believe this is a great looking forward.

5 ounce Australian Proof Year of the Dragon

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Purchasing Ms70 graded coins

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Purchasing Ms70 graded coins every month is rare. Most have no idea what an MS70 coin is let alone think about collecting them. There is a very real tangible relevance to buying government struck certified coins on an ongoing basis. You can do the investigating yourself on almost every major mint and you will find a startling discovery. If you had been collecting one MS70 coin per month from the most well know mints over a span of lets say 25 years the numbers in terms of value is staggering. I’d like to illustrate this with the American Silver Eagle Coin.

NGC Graded Ms70 American Silver Eagle Coin

The Liberty Coin Act of 1985 was approved by congress in June of that year and signed into law by President Ronald Reagan on July 9, 1985. This allowed Americans to purchase Silver and Gold coins struck by the U.S. Mint. In the collector world the 1986 American Silver Eagle is called the “First year of Issue” because it was in 1986 that the U.S. mint began to create and sell under the Liberty Coin Act 1 ounce Silver Eagle coins for the first time. With that little bit of history out of the way I want to share with you what it looks like if you had been buying one MS70 Silver Eagle coin per month since the first year of issue. This will be very interesting! All values are based on the current market as indicated by the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation the most respected third party grading company in the world.

MS70 Silver Eagle Set Value: $52,685.00


This is amazing numbers. And if you were purchasing one per month like we do here at ISN Here is the Whopping total value: $632,220 WOW! If you are already involved with ISN all I can say is enjoy the ride and keep stacking coins. For those not involved with this inexpensive, fun and unique opportunity now is the time to start collecting MS70 coins from around the world. Many of the other mints are still in their infancy like the silver eagle was back in 1986. So get into ISN and tell others you simply cant lose…Sincerely Adam.



Wholesale NGC Coins

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Wholesale Ngc Coins.

Wholesale NGC Silver Eagle

Wholesale NGC Silver Eagle

If you are a coin collector and would like to buy ms69 silver eagles at wholesale prices please continue to read the rest of this post.

For everyone still interested in making money from home. I challenge you to find something better than this.

Isn Coins is now offering you “AT-COST” wholesale prices on Certified Coins. These coins have 2 values, silver content Value and Numismatic collectible value, and are Guaranteed Real Silver.

Check the price today on our member price for the ms69 silver eagles. $41.95 per coin. Here is the link. See “Member Price”

To put this into perspective is currently selling just standard silver eagle bullion coins, not graded, for $42.53 with a credit card payment. Click link for copy and paste to view.

The Isn Coins membership is only $59 per month and allows you to buy as many of our Ms69 Eagles at Wholesale price as you want. But your only required to purchase 1 per month.

I dont think there is one person reading this email that doesnt believe they should be saving at least 5-10% of their income. We simply ask that you take a portion of that and instead of keeping it all in a savings account,that you purchase 1 asset per month. We have some members purchasing 50 coins a month,and turning a $15-$20 profit selling them retail.

Ive been in the silver niche since 2008, and there is nothing that compares to this membership.
The SilverSnowball is an affiliate program, and therefore is not in the same category as Isn Coins.

Also take a look at this new Marketing system we’ve created. this system flat out works. And can be marketed using Google Adwords, Facebook PPC, Email Marketing,Youtube Marketing, and it comes with Cards that’s you hand people after offering them a free piece of silver to take the company tour.

With the economy getting worse you will want more income streams. Isn Coins Has literally changed my life since Jan. And all they require of me is to buy 1 coin per month. Take a good look. Sincerely, Adam.

PS. This business Sells. OFFLINE-ONLINE-SIDELINE-CROSSLINE, it doesn’t matter. We are looking for people that do one thing.INVITE people to take a look at our tour. We even close your leads for you! Call me anytime.

#1 Isn Dealer.

Adam Dimora

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Collectible Coins For Sale Now

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Collectible Coins For Sale Now

2011 Ms69 Ngc Silver Eagle Early Release 25th Anniversary Edition) $63.00  “Call Now to Order”

(2010 Anacs Chinese Panda Ms70) Price: $115    “Call Now To Order”

Call Now To Order 707-330-1325

(1/10 ounce 2002 Ngc ms69 Gold Eagle) $200

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Isn Coins “Coin collectors Choice”

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