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Precious Metals Behind the Scenes.

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Looking for the best prices on your bullion…good who isn’t? Listen the this video Blog…There is some good information here that will help you understand the bullion markets, shipping times and how shipping is directly tied to inventory. these concepts are very important for anyone looking into purchasing precious metals.

Now remember I have the ability to get you a better price on bullion than any of these companies with none of the gotchas on price that they have such as minimum requirements..All you have to do is join me In ISN and I’ll give you access to these Wholesale Dealer prices….Enjoy..

or call today 707-330-1325

Adam Dimora


Network Marketing for Silver Coins

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Network Marketing for Silver Coins and where to buy silver coins online is the even better question should be where can i get the absolute best prices on my silver coins online? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Adam Dimora and like you I have had a major interest in buying precious metals for a long time now. If your new to this it can be a little nerve racking I guess but that’s why I’m writing this post for you.

There are many places you can go to purchase your bullion…Local coin dealers and online also see endless adds on the TV trying to get you to buy from them. First rule of thumb. Don’t buy from companies on the TV. How do you think they are paying for millions of dollars in TV ads..that’s right with the extra premiums their customers pay when purchasing their products. In my local area there is a great mom and pop shop called El Cerrito Coin Exchange they have very competitive prices on bullion for the “Local Coin Dealer” here for a look at the current prices. Currently at $3.99 over spot for silver eagles.

I send you here for non other than social proof. These are good prices for your “local dealers” and i know because Ive been doing this for a long time. Generally the cost will be on average $4-$6 over spot for Silver eagles depending on where you go and how many you purchase.

Now when It comes to Online places to purchase bullion from there are many, but only a few highly recognized in the industry for competitive pricing.

1. Apmex or “American Precious Metals Exchange”

2. Tulving

3. Gainesville Coins and there are a few more… However here is the catch.

4. Monex

With these companies there are whats called “Minimum requirements” in order to get the best deal or closest to the “spot” price of silver or gold. For example Tulving advertises on there site right now “at the time this post was written” that you can purchase American Silver Eagles for $2.79 over spot but when you go to their site you find out quickly that in order to get the Eagles for that price there is a minimum purchase of “500” Coins.

This minimum requirement concept is the standard in the precious metals industry. For the individual who wants to spend $,1000/ $,5000/ $10,000 just to get your feet wet you will not get the absolute best prices unless your willing to buy a “Monster Box” of coins.

I have a solution to all of these issues. A solution that will eliminate all of the head aches associated with buying bullion…

A. Having to always go “Shopping Around” for the best deal

B. Spending Time and Gas driving to local dealers just to pay taxes if your purchase is less than $1500.00 in some states

C. The major problem of minimum requirements just to get the best deals

D. Find people you can trust to give you what you order in a timely fashion

And so on.

I have the Solution to all of this and The company is called “Preservation of Wealth”. Preservation of Wealth is the worlds first and only online bullion dealer that allows investors in precious metals to purchase a membership from their company similar to purchasing a Sam’s club or Costco membership. Very Cheap. Currently only $249 per year. Once your a member you are given access to “Dealer” or “Wholesale prices” on all of your bullion purchases. You are given access to an online interface you login and see all of the prices in “Real Time” in front of you as well as the spot prices of Gold and Silver. You simply ad to your cart what coins you want to purchase and how many and lock in your metal…Its that simple.. Preservation of Wealth has 2 accounts to bank wire or deposit the funds into just like any other company and ships directly to your desired location. It just doesnt get any better than this.

The best price all the time, every time, no minimums requirements, no looking for the best prices, no shopping around wasting time and energy, just order and your done! Below is a video i recently made during the last metals dip to illustrate this concept. Please call me with questions if your interested in a membership. I’m honest and have your best interest at heart. You will “NEVER” get a sales pitch from “ME”. Network Marketing in the Silver and gold coins industry is so fresh and new, so fun and up scale, so refreshing and anything but embarrassing. Call today.

Minimum Requirements, Prices and Ordering in “Real Time”

Thank you for you time. I really hope this blog post was helpful to you. IF you would like to become a member click image below to join now.


 To contact Adam Dimora personally please call:

707-330-1325 or email me at

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Coin Mlms

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Coin Mlms

There are millions of people waking up to the fact that coin mlms may be the best vehicle within the network marketing industry right now. Without a play on words, what product  is more relevant than gold and silver? A Preservation of Wealth, An Asset, A Product that historically has the potential to skyrocket in value. Not only is gold and silver considered “real money” globally, but there is a 110 Billion Dollar Demand with a “B” demand just in the “Collectible” or “Numismatic” coins worldwide alone.

I’m constantly contacted by individuals who already enjoy collecting coins as a hobby, or have just woken up to the fact that  owning a few gold and silver coins is a smart move to make. Everyone has there own personal reasons at the end of the day. The timing is perfect for numismatic coins. It’s never been done before in the history of network marketing, and it deals with the hottest commodity in the world right now, silver and gold. I think everybody in the world knows that silver and gold are hitting all-time highs on a regular basis. We have the Best product in the most rewarding industry right now, and even in the economic times we are currently experiencing we believe that with numismatic coins its”Perfect Timing. Why is it perfect timing? When people start to feel the economic squeeze on thier hard earned money, most people turn to conservative purchases, and look for places to put their money that preserves wealth, gold and silver have always for centuries been that product, and also has the potential to increase in value. There is not a better product for that mindset than with silver and gold coins.With the current onlsaught of TV ad swith the message “Buy Gold” & “Buy Silver” there are millions of individuals beginning to gravitate naturally to our business model.

Isn Coins is the only company in the Network Marketing industry or in the “coin mlms” category that offers its members “At-Cost” or “Wholesale Prices” on certified collectible coins. Currently as of 5-15-2011 Isn Coins is offering it’s Business Pro Members the Ms69 American Silver Eagle Coins certified and Graded by NGC “Numismatic Guarantee Corporation” for $45 while highly respected U.S. Coin companies are  currently selling the same coin at a $66 price tag. And another at a $58 price tag. As of 5-13-2011. These are some of the most highly respected and purchased from Coin Dealers in the U.S. and we are killing the prices.

If you are a network marketer with an interest in Silver Coins. If you are a coin collector. If you are looking to buy silver coins at the best prices and earn income in this industry come take the tour now.

Take my company exclusive Free  Silver round tour offer Now! Click the Picture Now!
I’ll see you inside!!!!!!


Silver Takes a Dip

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Today silver took a dip and dropped to just under $41 per ounce, then came back on a correction to 41.50.

My “PERSONAL” opinion is this is a major opportunity to get a smoking deal on your SLV.
Yahoo Finance today was trying to scare people away from Silver, calling it a bubble???

In what market has the big banks, tech companies and so on, ever tried to scare buyers away from a bubble. NEVER! They invite them all in until the day it POPS.

They are losing billions


All of these “BUBBLES” where created by these companies and banks with no care for the people. But now all of the sudden the Banks and Corporation care about the people, and are warning them not to buy PHYSICAL SLV??????????????

Ladies and gentleman this makes no logical sence, with so many naked shorts, millions of ounces of SLV sold to investors in the form of EFT options that doesnt physically exist, Major Supply/Demand Deviation, Investors Taking Delivery of the physical silver, and more, there is only one reason why they are trying to scare the common folks away from SLV. They are losing BILLIONS.

Keep you eyes open, and watch, we are in for a huge ride. Two of my favorite places for information are:

1. NIA “National Inflation Association” at
Watch all the Videos for both.
2. Future Money Trends at
Subscribe to them. The info is life altering. For the good.

If you have ever looking into a owning your own business now is the time, and with SLV as our product the sky is literally the limit. Dont let it pass you buy.

Sincerely, Adam Dimora.

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Buying Bullion at the Best prices with Preservation of Wealth.

Do you have a desire to buy bullion? Do you already buy bullion on a regular basis now? Do you plan to continue to buy Bullion into the future? Would you like to buy gold and silver bullion at wholesale or dealer cost? How about more income, would you like to earn more money? With the way things are going in the economy buying some gold has become the thing to do and people want the best deals.

A POW or Preservation of Wealth membership allows you to buy silver or gold, platinum or palladium bullion at wholesale cost, dealer cost, well below anywhere else you can go, and there are no “minimum orders to get the good prices such as with Tulving, Monex, Kitco and so on, and to put the icing on the cake they pay you when people buy coins as well as when people purchase a But at wholesale POW membership, and they pay you big.

In a time where people are going broke, why would anyone looking to buy bullion, not want it a the best prices and also add an additional stream of income? This membership is $249 per year. It’s like a Costco membership for Bullion. We are literally purchasing $250,000 per day on many days and because of our membership base we pull huge discounts for our members.

Forget your skepticism and give me a call. This is the only place you can buy bullion at wholesale cost: Period. I would challenge you if you don’t believe be to go price out whatever amount your looking to buy, then call me with your best deal. I guarantee POW will give you a better deal everytime.

Take a look, and call me. Click the Image Below.

I DO NOT PERSONALLY PROMOTE POW AS A BUSINESS. This a recommendation only for savings on bullion purchases.

Thanks for your time,

Adam Dimora


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Silver Bullion MLM

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Silver Bullion MLM or Silver Bullion Multi-Level Marketing is bound to be typed into the search engines, so I feel this is a perfect opportunity to capture some attention here. I’m looking for people that want to save BIG on the purchase of bullion coins. I’m talking .50 Cents less than MONEX is currently selling American Silver Eagles for.

Buy Bullion at Dealer Cost!

This is the best “under the radar” bullion savings membership I’ve ever seen, and they even pay you to refer others. Investing in bullion is so refreshing and rewarding, but you will want to make sure your getting the best quality at the best prices. I speak with people every day that have been buying bullion from or which are two of the largest sellers of bullion period. I can get Bullion “cheaper” than them all day long! Period.

This Silver Bullion MLM is not what you’d expect. This is more like a “Costco” type membership. You pay in advance for a year membership of discounted prices on Bullion. It’s that simple. I have been buying my bullion so cheap that i can ACTUALLY SELL IT AT A PROFIT.

Here is an example. If you check the price of Silver Eagles at Monex today as of 4/10/2011 after their 1.75% fee and the $25 shipping the cost per coin over spot was $3.88 over spot. Today I’m getting my silver eagles from POW for .50 cents cheaper per coin. So if you have an order of 500 coins, that’s a $250 savings for your customer. On a 1000 coin order of silver eagles that’s a $500 Savings over the “Best” prices on the net.

I love my business. This is the most rewarding niche I’ve ever participated in, and I’m not going anywhere. I remember making my first purchase of silver eagles with Apmex when silver was $10 per ounce. WOW, What a ride so far!

You don’t earn commissions on the sale of bullion coins with this membership specifically. You will earn $100 referral bonuses every time you refer a new POW member. QUESTION: How many people do you believe are out there right now who would live to buy Bullion at “DEALER COST”. This is what I’m offering you today. No Gimmicks, a Solid at Cost Bullion Membership. Silver Bullion MLM is the best way to buy silver or gold bullion in any form at wholesale prices and also ad an extra income stream to refer others.

Click the Picture below for more information or to purchase your membership today.

I personally do “Not” utilize the POW  “Business Opportunity” only the “At Cost” Pricing on Bullion

Silver Bullion MLM. Bullion at Dealer Cost. Call me anytime at 707-330-1325, Adam.

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Best Prices on Bullion Coins

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Best Prices on Bullion Coins

IF you are looking for the best prices on bullion coins look no further. Preservation of Wealth is the literally your answer. Preservation of Wealth is basically a “Costco Type” Membership for Bullion Coins. The cost is $249 for a 12 month membership which allows you to buy bullion coins at unbeatable prices for 1 full year. For me the membership paid for itself my first order, and has allowed all of my friends and family to buy at the same unbelievable prices.

Most people are just waking up to what “Real Money” is.  Silver  is  $40 spot, which I believe is grossly undervalued. Where are you going to go for the best prices on bullion coins?

I’m not sure where you’ve been purchasing your bullion from, but stumbling across the P.O.W. membership was the best thing that happened to me in a long time. I’m a coin collector and believe strongly in educating Americans Now about the “Real-Economy”.

How would you like to not worry anymore about whether or not your deal “is the best deal”. I don’t suffer from that worry because I know that that My Preservation of Wealth membership cant be beat. Literally!

Buy Bullion at Dealer Cost: No Problem!

Click the picture to purchase your POW membership and place your first order today. I would love to speak with you about how this have worked so well for me. I’ve enjoyed the best prices for over a year now, and since i’ve joined Nobody has been able to beat my prices.

For information of how the membership works just give me a call.

Adam Di Mora – 707-330-1325 –

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Best Gold Bullion Coins to Buy

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Best Gold Bullion Coins to Buy

The question is always asked of me, “what are the best gold Bullion coins to buy”. My answer is usually always the same. Highly recognizable Bullion coins, In ounce or less denominations, at the best Prices.

Pow Gold Bullion

American Eagles, Canadian, Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, or even private rounds at fine. But at the end of the day the best bullion coins to buy are the ones your getting the best prices on. That’s why I’m writing this post.  If you are looking to buy the best gold bullion coins at the best price, there is a Costco “Like” membership you can buy for only $249 for a 12 month membership. This membership allows you to buy bullion of any kind at true “Dealer Pricing”.

How would you like to know that no matter what you can’t get a better deal. Two days ago I called for some prices on American Silver eagle, and Monex was .50 cents higher per coin than with my POW membership. This is one of the largest World Coins Dealers in the U.S. and I’m still getting a better deal Through my wholesale bullion membership with Preservation of Wealth.

Best Bullion to Buy. POW Bullion!

My name is Adam Di Mora. I’m a Traditional business owner, online marketing consultant, Father, and Coin Collector. There is honestly not a better hidden “Gem” for bullion buyers than a “Preservation of Wealth” membership. If you are looking to save on your bullion coins, you literally have to give me a call, and let me tell you about this “Dealer Pricing” bullion buying membership.

Trust me, I know there are many scams out there, I assure you neither I, nor this membership is one of them. I’m a real American getting the word out. So give me a call or email me. Click the Pic to the left to buy a 12 month POW membership and place your first order today today. The membership will pay for itself 10 times over trust me!

Adam Di Mora


Adam Di Mora

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Wholesale Silver Bullion Prices

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Wholesale Silver Bullion Prices

Wholesale silver bullion prices are real and I can deliver it to you. IF you have woke up to the fact that you need to be buying Silver, allow me to introduce you to a Membership that will allow you to buy Precious Metals at Dealer Cost for 12 months.

If you are reading this post, I assure you this is a very “Legit”, “Honest”, and “Timely” membership. A Costco “Type” membership for wholesale bullion prices. You’ve got to love it! I’ve been using my membership  to the max, offering my prices to everyone I love, and it’s been great.

Buy Bullion at Dealer Cost. $3.15 over Spot for Eagles 4/7/11

This membership is like a Costco or Sam’s Club membership for Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. In order for you to reap the benefits of these dealer prices all you have to do is purchase a “Preservation of Wealth” membership. This membership will allow you to buy your metals at the best prices period.  Pow offers a wide variety of coins, ingots, bars, world coins, rounds, junk silver, Morgan dollars, and more.

I recently called Monex to check the difference in prices and Preservation of Wealth was cheaper by .50 cents per coin. That really adds up. If you buy 1000 Silver Eagles x .50 cents = a $500 savings. That’s $500 you can use to buy more silver. So the Membership pays for itself on your first purchase of 500 coins or more.

Best Pricing on Bullion Period!

In addition it gives you the ability to get the best prices for your family, friends and those within your network. This makes sure they are getting the best deal around. The process is simple.

1. Call and order the coins to get the total.

2. Deposit the cash into the POW Account. Cash, Certified Check, Etc.

3. Receive the coins at your doorstep.

If you are interested in buying silver bullion, this membership is literally one of those blessings that slips through the radar for many people. The membership is only $249 for 12 months. We have actual silver dealers that own a POW membership to get the best deal for their coin shops. I am an honest American, traditional business owner, father, and have your best interest in mind. Give me a call or simply visit my Preservation of Wealth member site to get your Wholesale silver bullion prices today. This is a hidden “Gem” for silver buyers. It’s great never worrying if I’m getting the best deal on my bullion.

Click the Pic below to purchase a P.O.W.membership today or contact me for details.

Wholesale Silver Bullion Prices

Adam DiMora


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Isn Coins “Coin collectors Choice”

All Americans should own silver and gold, and practice the "Hobby of Kings"!! ISN the Coin Collectors Network Protected by Copyscape Duplicate Content FinderProtected by Copyscape Duplicate Content FinderProtected by Copyscape Duplicate Content Finder