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American gold Reserve is the newest company to come into the precious metals mlm industry. I have had many prospects call me asking me my thoughts on this new program and what the actual low-down is. At the very beginning of AGR’s inception I was contacted by one of AGR’s distributors with a top position to take a serious look and consider joining him. Because I’m a leader in this industry I am extended great positioning whenever a new company opens up within the precious metals niche. Being a network marketer it’s to my benefit to know other programs within my niche so I was glad to review the program. This is a written review on from my professional perspective. Before you read this review I do want to make one this clear right off of the bat. AGR does have very good prices on their silver and gold coins. Their prices are very competitive and that is a good thing. However for distributors trying to earn a substantial income with AGR this is “NOT” a great thing as the commissions is paid directly out of the spread of the coins…you’ll learn what I mean in the review so enjoy.

Amercian Gold Reserve Statement

The first statement of the AGR website is this and I quote: ” AGR is the First in network marketing to offer discount gold and silver and is the First in network marketing to offer discount gold and silver with affiliate commissions” Being that I’ve been in the silver and gold mlm niche as a top player now since 2008 I can tell you that this is not 100% true.

The first part of the statement : American Gold Reserve is the First in network marketing to offer discount gold and silver” is not true and I know this for a FACT because I’ve been a member of Preservation of Wealth now for a long time, and Preservation of wealth has been selling precious metals at “Dealer” cost to its members for a long time running, and below the prices that AGR is offering it’s members. You can visit my POW website to confirm this at

The second part of the statement:American Gold Reserve is the First in network marketing to offer discount gold and silver with affiliate commissions” … First I’d like to ask the question..What can truly be considered “Discount Gold”? In my opinion to claim that you have prices so good that you can claim “Discount Gold” isn’t it fair to assume that the prices would at least be better than any company that I can easily purchase my bullion from on the net, or at a local coin dealer? The premise that AGR has “Discount Gold” for me is questionable at best. Currently American Gold Reserve is claiming that they will pay out: “American Gold Reserve has developed a cutting-edge affiliate program that will pay out commissions up to an amazing 80% of the margin/spread/profit above the gold or silver “spot price”. So is AGR the first to pay out commissions on silver and gold coins? Of course not. They are making the claim that they are the first mlm the offer “Affiliate commissions” on “Discounted Gold Coins” and for me this is very hard to confirm.

The Payout

So AGR is going to pay out 80% of the margin or the difference between the “Spot Price” and their “Markup” into a 3×9 matrix compensation plan.

Do the numbers make sense? Here is the breakdown.

AGR is paying out 5% per level into a 3×9 Matrix. They are paying out 80% of their MARGINS. Here is the real numbers.

This example is based off of 1 oz of gold at $1600 Spot Price.

*The Commissionable amount on a 1 oz Gold round would be $44

*80% of that or $35.20 would be paid out into the 3×9 matrix for affiliate payouts

* At 5% per level in the matrix this comes to a $1.76 per level through 9 levels

As of this Review the Spot Price of Gold is approx $1600 per ounce. AGR markup is approx 2.75% Now although this is a competitive price I do not believe this spread can honestly qualify to be called “Discount Gold” prices. Preservation of Wealth offers a 2% markup on American Gold Eagles and here we are talking about a 2.75% Spread on a 1oz Gold Round. To be fair a 2.75% spread is well within a “GOOD”  fair price in the industry. But keep in mind that the smaller the spead for American Gold Reserve the smaller the Commissions payed out into the Matrix per level.

AGR’s Catch 22

There is multiple hurdles silver and gold mlm’s that have tried to work within the “BULLION” category have run into in the past and AGR is not immune to them. The first is the “MARGINS”. AGR can’t mark up the cost of gold much more than they currently do without pricing themselves out of the market…So the very thing that AGR claims as a benefit IE discounted prices is the very thing that makes the compensation payout VERY MINIMAL. Imagine on a $1600 coin sale only earning $1.75….With the state of the U.S. economy not many are going to be purchasing Gold coins and if they do generally from a well known brokerage such as Goldline International, American Precious Metals and others.

The second issue is regulatory..for whatever reason every mlm company dealing with the sale of bullion that is PAYING COMMISSIONS on the sales of the bullion has been shut down. So you’ll have to take your chances there as well. Preservation of Wealth doesn’t pay out commissions on the sale of any coins and thus doesn’t have to worry about that problem.

Here is some more numbers.

If one person in your matrix purchases 1 ounce of gold at the AGR discount spread of $44…The company pays out 80% or $35.20 into the matrix….you earn 5% or $1.75 on a $1600 sale. So if you actually break down the numbers further you take the $1.76 divided by $1600= a very small .11% on the volume of the gold that was purchased..this is not good news for individuals trying to earn a life changing income.  Imagine selling 20 of these coins at $1600 a pop for a total sale of $32,000. You would earn a total commission of $35.20. Do you see where I’m going with this. This is the problem with a company like this..they can’t mark up the product enough to pay out real commissions without pricing themselves right out of the market.

The Monthly minimum auto-ship and AGR retention

Here are the numbers on the monthly required auto-shop of $180 per member. More than likely the 1/10 ounce gold coin would be the monthly product of choice. The 1/10 oz gold round would fullfill the monhtly minimum requirement and would pay out as follows.

On a 1/10 ounce gold round which fulfills the monthly requirement of  $180 PV the commission paid out on this is $23. $23 x 80% payout x 5% payout per level comes to a whopping .92 cents per person in your matrix. As they say “It is what it is”….

According to what I’ve heard the minimum monthly required auto-ship will be approx $180 per month to qualify you to earn in the matrix. This is the cost every single person in the company will have to pay monthly in order to qualify to earn in a very matrix with very little payout per level as I have mentioned. You can mark my words that this is a disaster for AGR and its retention within the matrix. People just aren’t going to payout $180 per month every month just to be involved with a 3×9 matrix with a $1.76 payout per level..It’s simply not sustainable in my view. On the contrary with ISN COINS for example I pay out about $90 per month and that comes with a coin worth about $60 retail…so my out of pocket after i receive my coin is about $30. This is much easier for people to pay.

The Break Even Factor

One of the most important aspects to mlm is how quickly one can break even or make the actual monthly business cost go away completely. With AGR if the auto-ship monthly is $180 minimum that means that you would have to have 102 people in your matrix all purchasing a $1600 coin per month to break even monthly! WOW. That’s all I have to say about that. Again as an example with Isn Coins with a monthly cost of $90 or so what does it take to break even there. Simple Isn Coins pay out a $35 up front commission on every new enrollment beyond your first two and an $11 per month residual income per month thereafter. So if you simply enrolled 9 members personally, you are in a free business receiving a free ms69 American Silver Eagle coin. Lets say you only enrolled 3 into ISN COINS. You would earn $75 in up front commissions along with a $33 per month residual income. Remember that the monthly is around $90 per month. So if I enrolled 3 for a total of $75 in up front cash and $33 per month I’m basically in a free business as well. I’m paying $90 but I’m receiving a coin that retail for $60 back and I’m earning a $33 residual income. There is no comparison here. with just 3 enrolled Im already in the green after receiving my coin back in the mail each month. This is a powerful and easy way to break even and promote retention. People don’t quit businesses that don’t cost anything. You can View my Isn Coins replicated site at

I hope this was a helpful review for you. In the precious metals industry the numbers always tell the story. A matrix might sound nice….Spillover…Wow…but when you look at what it would actually take to earn any real income at AGR you realize its just not happening. If you found anything in this American Gold Reserve Review helpful and you would like to contact me I’m available anytime. I’m a professional in this niche and can answer an questions you may have. Sincerely Adam Dimora.

Adam Dimora


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