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The New 2013 Britannia Silver Proof Coin is absolutely beautiful. There is only 17 at the time I’m writing this graded PF70 by the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation. I’ve created the video below to share with you information on this new Proof I picked up. Enjoy.

Here is a Beautiful personal Top Pick that ISN is currently offering. This is the 2013 5 ounce Silver Snake from the Lunar series coming our of the Perth mint in Australia. Here is a great video for you to view, enjoy then order the coin by visiting Please allow to load before viewing.


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1. Knowing your program and the reasons you are personally involved is the key to success.

Isn Coins is a very  logical, relevant, and affordable home based business. I love network marketing when its done right. Coin collecting is a prestigious hobby,  and for thousands of years has been practiced by the laymen and the ultra rich alike such as Kings. The fact that coin collecting is called  the ” Hobby of Kings” should tell all. However as reasonable as this business is, you have no real hope in building a business out of Isn Coins if you don’t understand the program yourself, and therefore cant professionally, and effectively, communicate the business benefits. It’s all about the Benefits and Value that you receive when choosing an  Isn Coins home based business.


Know your Product

You must know the Product in and out. Be able to articulate the value of silver and gold coins coins, the history of numismatics, who PCGS and NGC are, and the benefits of purchasing flawless Numismatic coins as assets.

Know your Compensation Plan

Know your compensation plan. If you don’t know your compensation plan, then how can you answer questions about it. As a leader it is absolutely imperative that you can communicate how people get paid with the Isn Coins Compensation Plan. Visit then watch the Compensation video for an in depth breakdown, or just click on my “ISN compensation plan” Link.

Know what gives Isn an Edge over other companies

Understanding the difference between “Perishable Products” sold by 99% of home businesses and having Silver and Gold Numismatic coins as a product. One is a Consumed product, the other will retain value and produce wealth over time.

Know Precious Metals Markets “Comex”

Keep an Eye on the precious metals market.Watch the prices so that when someone asks what the going “Spot” price of silver is, you can answer them. This is the business that we are in, so know your industry. or NIA “National Inflation Association”

Everyone in Isn Coins must go to and subscribe to their weekly updates first and foremost. Then watch all of the videos on the site. Here are a list of some of the must see videos.

“The Dollar Bubble”/ “Melt-Up” / “Inflation Nation” / “End of Liberty” / these videos are literally a must watch not only for Isn Members but for all Americans. Part of my passion for Isn is that it gives me a reason to inform as many people as possible about the true state of the US economy.

Example Please View.

James Turk-The US on the cusp of hyperinflation

Tools to download right away.

1. Go To and open an account for free. Skype allow you to make video calls and do to text chat at the same time for free from skype to skype users. “Great Tool” If your in my team this is a must have.

2. Go to This allows you to own a conference line with up to 100 visitors at once for free. Great tool and a must have for group discussion and prospecting.

3. Go open a account and being shooting videos about Isn Coins. “Branding” Yourself as a leader is important, and will generate a lot of leads if done properly. If your not affraid of the camera, youtube is a must have in your arsenal. Period!

4. Go to and open you new hosting account in order to set up your blog. Start your marketing “HUB” NOW! This is an absolute must. Do it now or forever hold your piece.

5. Go to subscribe and watch all of the videos on the site. Very Important to your success here at Isn Coins. Knowledge is Power.

6. If your are an online marketer purchase your domain names now! and get them registered.

7. Ask me for the email template you can use to email marketing campaigns. Email me at and ill email this back asap. Just copy fill in the blank and send.

8. Put people on the phone with me right away. Its my Job to introduce Isn Coins to your prospects until you have our business down pat, and can clearly communicate the visions of Isn Coins, the complete “VIEW” of how the program works, and what its intended to do.

9. Buy some silver! Get in the industry. Feel the weight of real value in your hands and watch your business explode. Bring one of your coins with you everywhere, set it on the table wherever you go with a stack of Isn Business cards. Our product sells itself: Literally to be prepared to answer questions about the precious metals markets, numismatic collecting, what spot price is, what the price of gold and silver are, how collecting coins is the “Hobby of Kings” that has been practiced for thousands of years, and much more. Great place to go to read about the industry is

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