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Adam DiMora is the first member of ISN Coins. He is responsible for helping design and build ISN Coins from the floor up. Over the last 8 years he has become a powerhouse in the precious metals industry as a top producer and consultant to many companies in his niche. If you have a desire to learn more about the silver and gold mlm industry Call Adam Today. You will be treated with dignity and respect without the sales pitches and hype. 707-330-1325


Only $109 per month to run a legitimate ISN Coins precious metals business.  Plus receive a beautiful coin every month included, access the best prices on many different coin and jewelry. Don’t wait Call Me today.
Adam Dimora speaking at the ISN Coins Vacation and Leadership Convention in beautiful downtown Sarasota, Florida 2015.


 Adam Dimora Training Top ISN Leaders on sales Methodology
Adam Dimora Speaks in Burmingham, England on ISN and the Silver and Gold Coins Industry


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Not only are you smarter than most individuals for looking into silver and gold but a business inside the industry as well.

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Nobody know’s the precious metals mlm industry better than Mr. Adam Dimora

The “Isn Coins Prespective” is A Must Read if you are Seriously interested.

ISN Coins is a Modern Day Collectible Coin dealer with a Network Marketing  division driving sales of modern day numismatic coins via word of mouth  marketing. ISN is continuously looking for the best coin picks within the  industry and offers discounted prices to its distributor base while at the same  time allowing its distributors to earn substantial commissions and Modern Day  Collectible Coins for free. This is direct sales at its finest, operating within  the most prestigious industry in the world of network marketing today the  Precious Metals Industry.

ISN specializes in Modern Day Collectible Coins  and created a direct sales division based on a sales model that requires its  distributors to practice the hobby of coin collecting themselves. Each ISN  distributor is required to purchase ISN’s flagship product the Mint State 69  American Silver Eagle Graded and Certified coin. It is imperative that those who  want to sell coins within the industry are actually practicing the Hobby  themselves in order to develop the spirit of the industry while at the same time  gaining in knowledge and building a collection of wealth preserving assets on a  monthly basis for themselves.

ISN wholeheartedly believes that purchasing silver and gold coins in today’s economic times is one of the most important and logical purchases one can make. In addition ISN also  holds to a strong conviction that those looking to partner with a company in the home business industry stand to greatly benefit from learning about and taking  part in the 120 billion dollar collectible coins industry. In our minds there is  no product or industry within direct sales that can compare with the prestige,  relevance and logic of taking part in one of the greatest pastimes of history  while getting paid to build collections of wealth purchasing silver and gold  coins rather than hear today gone tomorrow consumable  products.

Practicing the art of coin collecting has been life changing for many and is one of the greatest hobbies in the world with countless millions around the globe currently taking part in the industry. From the American mint to the Australian Mint, from Canadian, China and Mexico governments around the world are producing some of the most beautiful coins ever struck from silver and gold. These coins are filled with precious metals value and collectible value determined by rarity of the coins as well as the mint state or grade of the coins. Unlike bullion, collectible coins have the unique ability to increase dramatically in value in two distinct ways. The precious metals content and well as the collectible value.

If you are looking for an extra way to earn  income and build wealth ISN Coins has a wonderful vehicle for you to do just  that. Here you stand to benefit in multiple ways.

A. You will learn the  art and hobby of coin collecting. This is a wonderful way to bring your family  together while having fun with your children doing something interesting and  worth-while. Practicing the “Hobby of Kings” with your family is something  everyone will love, filled with lessons and memories. The coins you purchase  will become a valuable collection over time filled with sentimental value as  each coin will represent something unique.

B. You will be purchasing  beautiful collectible world coins. These world coins are stuck in .999 fine silver  or gold from around the world and are loaded with precious metals content. In addition they are also  graded and certified as authentic precious metal “Art” from around the world.  The certification, grade and rarity of each coin determine the coins value. ISN  Coins requires that each distributor purchase the American world coin the famed  “American Silver Eagle”. This coin is one of the most beautiful every struck  from a government mint and is in high demand the world over. The coin comes  certified and graded in MS69 condition from NGC “Numismatic Guarantee  Corporation” after going through a rigorous grading process. In stark contrast  to the norm in the direct sales industry where distributors are required to  purchase the here today gone tomorrow consumable products such as juice,  cosmetics, cleaning products, tech products, the “Norm” in direct sales. ISN  Coins offers something completely different: Collectible Assets. Assets that not  only grow in sentimental value over time but are true “wealth preserving”  collections of beautiful silver and gold coins that have the unique potential to  increase dramatically in value over time. This is something that the whole  family can get involved with and excited about.

C.  Millions around the world are currently practicing this hobby for free as pure enjoyment, now you can also earn substantial income at the same time. This is a wonderful business and ISN is looking for individuals who truly have a desire to earn extra income by partnering with us in promoting the world of collecting modern day collectable coins as assets without thinking of your involvement with our company as a burden or just another one of those things. ISN is pioneering something within the direct sales industry that is very unique and should be look at as a pleasure to be involved. We are truly only looking for those individuals with the mindset and means to do so.

D. You will not be  required to pay a ridiculous amount in up-front money to partner with ISN. Many  companies require $500, $1000, $5000 to get started just to fill your home with  overpriced products that are very hard to retail. The up front investment is so  small with ISN that people are actually amazed when they see the cost. Consider  this. Mike Mezack who is the most educated sales person in the world for  collectible coins has sold close to 1 Billion dollars of coins within the last  25 years as the host of HSN.com for their coins division. He is currently  selling the MS70 American Silver Eagle coin for $139. He sells thousands of the  Ms70 coin at this price. The cost to start a business and collecting coins with  ISN is only $199 and this comes with your first MS70 American Silver Eagle coin.  This is what sets us apart from everything else you’ve ever seen. The monthly  cost to remain a distributor/collector with ISN is as follows.

Isn Coins Monthly Cost: $109 including your metals product and marketing system. 

Now remember,  included with the ISN monthly price is the actual MS69 coin itself! This spells integrity and in our opinion is as good as it gets in the world of direct sales.  Can you think of a more inexpensive price which includes a silver coin, a better industry, a cooler hobby, with more relevant and logical products? NO WAY! We are looking for people who “see” what we are offering and would like  to partner with us to build a legacy business model. If that is you please  contact us as soon as possible to get starting on your collecting coins and  earning income with ISN today.

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